Las Chicas que Comen February lunch

Las Chicas at Premium Plus February 2019

Premium Plus certainly lived up to its name when 46 chicas descended on them the day before Valentine’s Day. Everyone said the food and service was excellent, and the only minor issue of slightly cold soup on one table was rectified immediately.

On arrival we were given our customary glass of cava with the addition of a few berries to give it a gorgeous pink colour.  Following that, some wonderfully presented starters were served, including carpaccio of beef, Caesar salad and a lobster bisque.

The main course was also beautifully presented and the portion sizes didn’t give las chicas a problem apart from the very generous portion of spare ribs. Fortunately, Premium Plus are very accommodating when it comes to the provision of doggy bags.  There are some very happy pooches in Moraira tonight!

Finally, a surprise chocolate mousse which was chocolate in flavour but orange in colour, ( and very yummy! ) and other desserts were served. The apple pie deserves a special mention for making certain chicas become a little ecstatic!

Lynn Clark thanked Orhan and his staff for all their hard work and was in turn thanked for hers. It is amazing to think we are coming up to the fifth anniversary of this very popular group.  Long may it last!