Las Chicas Que Comen – Il Divo. April 2018

Las Chicas met on a cold and windy day at the beautiful new restaurant Il Divo.

The restaurant is situated right in the centre of Moraira and run by the 2 brothers Miguel & Tomas who already have D’Gust, which many of you know and love.

Because of the inclement weather and icy wind we enjoyed our welcome Cava at our tables, unfortunately not being able to mingle outside as usual.

However, the weather is out of our control and Tomas more than made up for it in his bodacious style, flirting with all us Chicas!

We were amazed when each table was served a selection of homemade garlic or cheese pizza to start instead of the usual bread rolls.

The food was first class and different. As usual some Chicas pronounced that they had chosen the wrong meal but as we had so much served for starters and the desserts were divine it really was more than enough for everyone!

When the rose man arrived Tomas purchased the entire bunch to ensure every Chica had one to take home, a very nice and thoughtful touch.

Before we left the music was turned up loud and some brave Chicas, ably led I must add by our leader Lynn in an impromptu boogie around the tables.

Great fun was had and everyone remarked that they would come again, another one to add to our list of favourites.