Las Chicas que Comen March at Samar

Las Chicas held their 5 year anniversary celebration lunch on 13th March 2019.

We could not have chosen a better venue. Samar is a new fusion restaurant near the yacht club in Moraira and a most welcome addition to our wonderful town.

Aziz and his team were most accommodating and just a little bit overwhelmed with the influx of 53 exuberant Chicas!

After cava and photos we took our seats to make acquaintance with friends and some newcomers.

There was a little wait for the starters but we were very pleasantly surprised at the freshness and flavours that we were presented before us. The tapas comprised of prawn pad tai, mixed salad and pumpkin and ham soup. The wine was good and flowed with the conversation and then we were quickly served with delicious tasting chicken, duck or salmon all served with a selection of veg. As I asked everyone present how they enjoyed their meal there was a mixed response as the duck was served very pink, this was indeed how most Chicas enjoyed it but those who wanted a bit more cooking were promptly accommodated. The chicken was pronounced delightfully soft and tasty. With ice cream or an exquisitely light orange mousse cake to finish. This is a definite favourite restaurant to add to our portfolio.

Lynn thanked Aziz and his attentive staff and explained she had organised 49 meals over the last 5 years.  She was pleased to see that 11 Chicas here today had attended every one of them. All the Chicas had contributed to a bouquet of flowers that was presented to Lynn in thanks. We enjoyed the rest of the afternoon with dancing from Chica Pam Small.

Here’s to the next 5 years!

Photos by Jan Adams.