Minutes Monthly Meeting 5th Dec 2016

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada
Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 5th December 2016
at the Salon G.L., at 10.30

It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2016.
John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the Meeting and said how good it was to see so many Members, especially as it was a bit of a dull and wet day. He reminded everybody to switch off their mobile phones as well as a reminder of the emergency procedures in the event of evacuation of the building.
David Haxon read out the synopsis of the 7th November 2016 Meeting. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Rona Hurst and seconded by Jill Cole. The minutes were approved by the members by a show of hands.
President´s Address
John H said he had enjoyed the Speaker, Jeremy Kenton, at last months meeting. He had taken his advice, in relation to getting into a car, sit into the seat and swing the legs around, unfortunately he had knocked his head in so doing.
Having asked for the Members assistance, for Committee members, to assist in setting up the room ready for the monthly meetings, helping group leaders or on other social occasions during the year. John H was pleased to say the some Members had come forward to offer help, but still more were needed. Many of the Committee Members were also Group Leaders and spent a lot of time working on behalf of U3A Members, which at times, felt like full time working again.
John H mentioned a founder member of the U3A Moraira-Teulada who had been a member ever since. She had worked as the Secretary, producing minutes for the Monthly Meeting as well as the Committee Meetings each month and now the Deputy Secretary since April of this year. John H presented Margaret Roberts with a gift, of a voucher to Casa Toni, in appreciation of all the work she had done for the U3A.
Group Coordinator – Prue Jackson advised that there had been eight new Groups this year: Dance Salsa and Jive; Ukulele; Support Group; Padel Tennis; Scrabble; Genealogy; Classic Cars and Piotr would be the Group Leader of Matters Arising. New Leaders for existing groups – Brian and Pat Clarke relaunched the Wine Tasting Group; Geoffrey Shean now leading the Classical Music Group; Dot Garrett has taken over the Creative Writing Group; Trevor Kemp has taken over the Drama Group, this was in addition Leading the Photography Group and Peter Bayliss who was leading the Smartphone and Tablet Group. In 2017 Phil Chaney will be looking for a new Group Leader for the film Group and a second Sunday Solos Lunch Group will be started. Prue mentioned that all singles were welcome at all Groups and thanked all Group leaders for their hard work.

Carin Derksen informed the Members that a copy of the full report would be on the website. Carin advised that on the 7th November there was a balance of €21,957,30, this included Deposit Account interest of €28,30. However, Carin had a lot to pay out, the annual film licence of €367.38 and Committee expenses, but with income from the selling of Dinner Dance tickets, as at 5th December the balance was €22,545.36. From this amount El Canor, the venue for the Christmas Dinner Dance, had to be paid the sum of €8,000, with approximately a further €900 for the entertainment.
John H proposed that the renewal fee for existing members remain at €5, until the First Monday in March after which it would be €10. New Members to remain at €10. He asked for a show of hands for acceptance of the proposal, this was unanimous.
Travel Group

Carol Mantle advised of a trip to Ikea in Murcia which takes place on 11th January 2017 and only a few places were left. A trip to Jerez is on 13th to 18th May with the cost being €595 a deposit of €60 is required to book a place. Planned for 2018 on 21st to 28th May is a trip to Paris, the cost of the trip is approximately €900, the exact price will not be known until June/July 2017 when the flights will be booked. To secure a place a deposit of €250 is required. Details of all the current trips can be seen on the Travel page of the U3A website, or from the Travel Desk at the Meeting.
Cultural Arts Events

Hugh Stewart advised of events to be held at the Auditori Teulada starting on Sunday 11th December A musical of “D´Artagnan and the three musketeers” starting at 5pm, the last event is in December on Friday 23rd December at 8pm Christmas Concert by the “Youth Orchestra of Province of Alicante”. In 2017 7 January “Star Wars Concert Feels Strong”, with the UCAM Symphony Orchestra, Saturday 22nd January at 7pm “Gala Lirica Ainhoa Arteta” with Coral Discantus and Symphonic Orchestra UCAM and Saturday 11 February at 7pm “Tosca” opera from Giacomo Puccini. Hugh advised of several Concerts on the Costa Blanca, full details can be found on the U3A website together will details of all Cultural Arts events. Hugh went on to mention Montgo Chorale´s concert on Sunday 11th December at the Fishermen´s Church in Javea Port, starting at 16:30. The free entry with a retiring collection in aid of Caritas. The Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir´s annual Christmas Concert at Parroquia de Santa Maria Magdalena, Benitachell. The entrance is free with a retiring collection. This takes place on Friday 16th December starting at 7pm. Faian Barraza and his trio play the music of Django Reinhardt at the next Jazz evening at the Parador in Javea this is on Friday 16th December. The new MAFAS group (Marina Alta Fine Arts Society) has it´s first meeting at the Parador in Javea on January 19th.
Matter Arising from the Reports

There were not matters arising.

Support Group
Rona Hurst advised this new group was now up and running. There are 26 members so far, who were ready to help others when needed. Rona is still looking for members willing to help, especially members that speak Spanish and willing to translate. There are different ways to help: Driving to appointments, visiting in Hospital or homes, driving to the shops or doing the shopping, walking the dog, Cooking food, D.I.Y, Gardening or just talking with them. All members will know they are not alone in bereavement or times of illness or loneliness. Rona would ensure the right helper would be contacted. Rona advised of a dedicated telephone number 634324693. Can be called at any time, although from 7pm members could leave a message and Rona would get back to them as soon as possible. Her e-mail number was the same as on the U3A website – rona.u3a.carecoordinator2@gmail.com All enquires would be treated as confidential
John H thanked Rona for starting the group.
Presentation to Laura Hillstead, representing Teulada-Moraira Ayuntamiento – John H said many of the members join the wonderful History and Art Lectures on Monday mornings at the La Senieta theatre. Also there are superb classic film shows as well as the great modern film presentation at the same venue. All the membership renewals and new member enrolment meetings at the beginning of the year, are all held in La Senieta. The U3A now has the free use of the new room in Calle Calatayud used for various

Group meetings.
All of this is provided free of charge but for the past few years in return, we have donated €1,000 to the Ayuntamiento to be used by the social services department for the benefit of local people.
This year Laura Hillstead, our Ayuntamiento Councillor, suggested that we could buy and donate equipment. Rather than just make a blank donation it was thought a presentation of the equipment at the Monthly Meeting would be a good idea. Unfortunately, as with best laid plans, it did not happen as the equipment did not arrive in time for the meeting. The equipment, that is on the way, is earmarked for the Proteccion Civil Vehicle and includes – a manual resuscitator; stethoscope; special anti-haemorrhaging powder; tourniquets; first aid rucksack and contents; immobilizing mattress; head and neck immobilizer and full first aid kit.
Laura and Victor Giner from the Proteccion Civil were present at the meeting for the presentation and John H said it would have been nice to have had all the equipment at the meeting in order to actually present it to Victor.
John H thanked Laura and Victor for attending the meeting.
David and Eileen Haxon proceeded to give the results of the competitions, all organised by Eileen and David, starting with the quiz, all those taking part marking their own sheets. As there were a number of members with the same score a tie-break question was given by Eileen and the correct answer was given by Colin and Sue McNae. They won a bottle of Brandy.
Guess the number or sweets in the tin – This was won by Sheila Dowden, with the answer of 91.
Guess the weight of the decorated Christmas cake – This was won by Paulette Bertorelli with the nearest weight of 2.6kg however, Paulette gave the cake to Bob Watkins.
Guess the weight of the Suitcase – This was won by Raymond Hodson with the nearest weight of 2.1kg
Photos of the Presentations and prize winners were taken by Jan Adams.
Any Other Business – John H advised that at the end of the last meeting, a black shopping bag was found at the back of the room, could the owner contact one of the Committee. The bag did not contain personal items.
John also wished to announce that the well-known personality Dave Peachey and his fiancée Jenny were now married. A round of applause from the members congratulating them both.
The Meeting closed at 12:00
The next Monthly Meeting to be held on 9th January 2017 at 10.30

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the Meeting held on 5th December 2016

Proposed by ……………………………………………….Seconded by ……………………………………………….

Secretary of the Meeting ………………………………..Titch Crossfield