Minutes of General Meeting 4th July 2016

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on 4th July 2016

At the Salon G.L., Teulada

It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2016.

John Hopwood welcomed everybody to the Meeting, especially the new Members. The emergency procedure was explained and the exit’s pointed out. Following comments from a member concerning the Security at U3A Meetings, the Committee discussed the matter in full. It was decided that the measures already in place were adequate and would not be altered. John H explained the difficulties of signing and signing out. However, it was agreed to appoint two Fire Officers -John Freeman and John Manley, but they will continue to greet the members at the door at the start of the Meetings. John H explained that he had checked the doors and the fire extinguishers and their hoses, before the Meeting, all were in order and had certificates as at inspection date in July 2016. John H then asked members to switch off their mobile phones.

David Haxon read out the synopsis of the Minutes of the 6th June Meeting. The full Minutes had been posted on the Website and were proposed by Sue McNae and seconded by Lynn Clark. The Minutes were approved by the members with a show of hands.

President’s Address

John H said it was difficult at times, to know what to say that he has not already said in the news letter. However, he had been given a book to read, entitled “How to Deal with Difficult People”, so be careful, said John H ‘I know how to cope with people now’. This raised applause in appreciation, from the members. The new Support Group John H mentioned last month, was progressing. Prue had received a number of volunteers to be leaders and helpers. John H thanked all volunteers. John H mentioned Marg Roberts who had produced the History of Moraira-Teulada U3A, which will be on the website shortly. John H thanked Marg for all the hard work she had put in whilst researching for the Article.

Treasurer – Carin Derksen informed the members that a full report will be on the website and gave a brief over view of the income and expenses for June. This included €300 loaned to the U3A Band for the purchase of lighting equipment, which will be paid back in monthly amounts after the monthly Band evenings. In addition Carin confirmed the sum of €1,392.90 had been paid, out of U3A funds, towards the El Canor event, as Income from the tickets sold did not cover the cost and expenses.
No questions arose from the Treasurers Report.

Group Coordinator – Prue Jackson explained that she had held the position since Friday and was still getting to know the job, but Lynn was helping her. The new Wine Tasting Group Leaders are Pat and Brian Clarke. They will be sending out an e-mail to all U3A Members on the existing Wine Tasting list asking everyone to re-register if they wish to continue to be members of the Group. Prue said she has asked for volunteers and Group Leaders for the new Support Group and all information was on the Website. Prue thanked all the Group Leaders for all their hard work, also thanking the Leaders that had attended the Monthly Meeting.

Travel Group – Carol Mantle welcomed all the New Member to the U3A. Carol advised that there were still places available for the day trips to Valencia in September and November. Places are still available for the over-night trip to Barcelona in November/December. The trip to Cambodia and Vietnam in February/March 2017 has been estimated at € 3,300. Details are available for the Jerez trip in May 2017 and details of the planned trip to Cartegena  at Easter 2017 and a trip to Paris will be given soon. All details are on the Website.

Cultural Arts Events – As it was the 4th July Bev gave the report on her own. Beverly gave details of the Javea Players events as well as the Moraira-Teulada’s , Summer Concerts. Beverly advised the members that full details of all events can be seen on the Website and if anyone had events they would like posted on the website, please send to Beverly and Hugh Stewart.

As there was no other business and nothing to add following the reports, John H thanked the Members and the new members for their attention and advised there were now around 1830 members. John also thanked Steve Higham and his committee for the summer Dance at Canor and organising an event at Font Santa on 14th September. John also thanked the members for their support at the U3A Band event in Moraira.

Eileen Haxon introduced the speaker Pat Spencer, from Calpe U3A, who was to give a talk on the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. At the end of Pat’s talk, she advised the Members that her article is in the RTN paper.

John H thanked Pat and the members showed their appreciation with a round of applause. A voucher was given to Pat as thanks for the talk.

The raffle was drawn by Pat Spencer and the winning ticket numbered 592 was won by Jean Fisher.

The meeting ended at 11.15.

The next Monthly Meeting to be 5th September as there is no meeting in August.

Addendum 1: Treasurers report – El Canor event

Treasurer’s Report General Meeting on March 2 2015  #colspan#
On February 2 we held the following amounts 4000
Current account
Cash in hand
Feb 02 renewals 187
new members 39
19/02/2015 renewals 93
new members 30
February 10 interest bank account
February 2 speakers gift+raffle
members liaison
liaison members
stationary/receiptbooks 81,40
photocopies 7,20
film group 37,30
drama group 69,99
salon rent & coffee 135,50
February 10 bank account charges 4,01
February 19 coffee renewal meeting 17,50
badges group leaders 26,00
February 24 PO box rental 61,59
On March 2 we hold the following amounts
Current account
Cash in hand

Addendum 2: Full Treasurers report