Minutes of the Annual General Meeting – 6th March 2017

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada
Minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on
6th March 2017 at Salón G.L., Teulada
at 10:30

It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended this meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2016.

John Hopwood made the First Call for the AGM at 10:05am as this must happen half an hour before the Elections, in case there is an insufficient proportion of membership present to hold an AGM.
John H asked everybody to switch off their mobiles phones and then pointed out the emergency procedure, in the event of a building evacuation, then confirmed John Freeman had completed the security checks.
David Haxon read out the synopsis of the minutes of the 6th February 2017 meeting. The full minutes had been posted on the web-site and were proposed by Margaret Roberts and seconded by Sue Lawson and approved by a show of hands from the members.
John H said he could not wish for a better group of Committee members and asked for the U3A members to join him in a round of applause, to show appreciation. John H also thanked the Group Leaders for their support and hard work as well as the helpers that have assisted at meetings and social events.
Treasurers: Carin Derksen read out today´s report advising the income and expenditure, resulting in a final balance of €16.047,80. All the Treasurer´s reports can be found on the website
Travel Groups: This report was written by Carol Mantle and read by Jill Cole in Carol´s absence. The day trip to Elche is now fully booked but two new day trips have been arranged. Wednesday 14th June 2017 a trip to Lladró and Albufera Lakes. There are 30 place still available and the price is €35 per person which includes entrances, lunch, boat trip and a visit to the Barracas. Thursday 5th October 2017 a trip to Sagunto and St Joseph´s Caves in Vall D´Uixo, the price is €45 and includes tourist train in Sagunto, guided tour of the Castle and Amphitheatre, a 3 Course lunch and boat trip through the caves. There are 26 places left. All travel information can be found on the website.
Group Coordinators: Prue Jackson advised that the second Solo´s Group had enough people to start, but the Tennis group needs more people to join and Folk/Pop music group still needs musicians. Groups that collect money have submitted their accounts to the committee and been approved. Prue thanked all the Group Leaders for all their hard work especially those attending the Monthly meetings, which is so important for the U3A members to discuss any queries they may have.
Cultural Arts Events: Beverly Stewart read out the future events and also advised that all details can be found on the web-site.
8th March Caprice perform ´Let the Song Begin´ at Bar Enzo, Moraira and 11th March at Mas la Pau in Liber
11th March Nasty boogie perform at El Cid in Benidoleig
20th March Songs of Praise at Ermita San Josep
26th March Concerts Costa Blanca with Valencia Opera present Donizetti´s Lucrezia Borgia
More events can be found on the web-site
Membership/Committee Liaison: Prue advised one issue that had been raised by a member in relation to visitors/family of members with booked U3A events – could the visitors attend the function. This was put to the committee and discussed. The decision was for the Group Leader concerned to use discretion, but including a visitor should not be at the detriment of a U3A member.
As there were no matters arising from the reports and no other business to discuss, John H called for a short break before the main purpose of the AGM began.
John H made the Second Call for the AGM at 10:55
Carin read her report of the Accounts for 2016 that had been audited. As the balance on the account was looking healthy is was possible to continue with the €5 renewal fee, for 2017/18, confirming that new member´s fee would remain at €10. After this AGM the reewal fee for the rest of the year would return to €10. It was decided that purchases under €100,00 would not by shown in the Asset Register because of the almost immediate depreciation. The Third Party Liability Insurance premium for this year would be €1.391,63 an increase due to the increase in the total number of members. Extra monthly expenses of €50 for Dining Out hosts, €25 for Las Chicas hosts and €50 for the monthly rental of practise room for GOMG, had all be agreed together with €34,95 for the monthly WIFI from Orange, for use at Number 45 Calle Calatayud. The Social Events committee are busy planning more events this year, but welcomed any suggestions from members for ´something different´. The Budget for 2017 is €17.645,00, this was based on the information and expenses paid for 2016.
The Travel Report, prepared by Carol Mantle, was read out by Jill in Carol´s absence. Jill explained that the Travel Group had a separate Committee and a separate Account which she had audited.
The audited account for the U3A were proposed by Steve Higham and seconded by Ann Colclough. The audited travel account was proposed by Steve Higham and seconded by Jean Mudge. The members approved both sets of Accounts with a unanimous show of hands.
John H handed over the second part of the Meeting to Brian Nicholls as Election Officer. Brian informed the members that the list of Nominees and Proposers was available if any member wished to see them. The existing Committee had agreed to stand for re-election and with no new Nominations received, Brian proceeded with the election.
Part One the following nominees stood individually and were voted for separately.
The four executive positions:
President – John Hopwood – Unanimous vote in favour
Vice-President – David Haxon – Unanimous vote in favour
Treasurer – Carin Derksen – Unanimous vote in favour
Secretary – Titch (Christine) Crossfield – Unanimous vote in favour

Part Two Brian read out the nominees and the positions and asked them to stand at the front of the meeting room.
Deputy Secretary – Margaret Roberts
Membership Secretary – Pat Clarke
Travel Group Treasurer – Carol Mantle (Absent)
New Members Liaison – Shirley Tuckey
Deputy Treasurer – Steve Higham
Group Coordinator – Prue Jackson
Deputy Group Coordinator – Lynn Clark (Absent)
Speakers Liaison – Eileen Haxon
Member without portfolio – John Freeman

Brian called for a show of hands for all the above positions to be voted for en bloc; a unanimous vote in favour of all the Nominees.
No issues arose from the Election. John H asked Ann Colclough to draw the raffle, the winning ticket was 576 and won by Robert Verbruggen who received a voucher for Ca Pepe Restaurant.
Beverly Stewart gave thanks to John Hopwood for all the hard work he had done for the U3A, as President and all members showed their agreement with a round of applause. John H thanked Beverly and the members.

The AGM closed at 11:45
The next monthly meeting to be held 3rd April 2017

Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 6th March 2017

Proposed by………………………………..Seconded by………………………………………Date…………………………….

Secretary of the meeting….Titch Crossfield


Appendix A – Treasurer’s Financial Report



Appendix B – Treasurer’s Report for 2016 after the audit

The 2016 Financial Accounts have been audited by Ian Brown
on 1 February 2017.


Our income in 2016 from membership fee was € 12.140,00.
The membership fee was made up by 1428 members paying € 5,00,
and 43 members who were renewing after 28 February, paid € 10,00 for their renewal. We welcomed 457 new members, and they paid
€ 10,00 each.
Although we had a decrease of € 4.249,58 in our balance, which we can divide in depreciation of our assets € 1.659,23 and € 2.590,35 in actual expenses, our finances look healthy.
Because of this healthy balance we were able to keep the membership fee € 5,00 for renewals made before or at the AGM, which takes place every year at the first Monday in March. After March you can still renew, but the price will then be € 10,00. From now on we will decide every year
in November, if we are able to go ahead with the present membership fee for renewals or that we have to increase the fee.

Contingency and deposit account.

We have € 4.000,00 in our contingency fund and € 6.000,00 in our deposit account. We had an income of € 28,30 in interest.

Asset Register.

The Asset Register is up to date and this year we added a paper shredder for the travel group, a microphone for Las Chicas/ gardening group and a DJ sound system (for Calle Catalayud) for a total of € 471,60. We decided that purchases under € 100,00 will not by shown in the asset register because of the almost immediate depreciation.

For our liability insurance, which covers our third party liability, we paid last year € 955,35. Because of the fact that we welcomed so many new members in 2016, for this year, 2017, we have to increase the number of people on the policy, and therefore our premium for this year will be 1.391,63.

Payments to groups

This year we had the regular expenses for groups such as ink cartridges, paper, play cards, rummikub set, balls, Dvd’s, etc.etc.
Last year we added some extra monthly expenses: € 50,00 for the dining out group hosts, one couple every month, € 25,00 for the host from Las Chicas, monthly WIFI from Orange, € 34,95, which we are using in Calle Catalayud, monthly € 50,00 rent for the practice room which the GOMG is using.
All the payments we make, every month, are showing in the financial report, which is on the website every month, the week after the GM.

Special Events

Last year we had two dinner dance events in El Canor and an outside
lunch at Font Santa.
For the summer dinner dance at El Canor 212 members were present
and for the Xmas dinner dance we welcomed 292 members.
The Font Santa outside lunch was attended by 207 members.
Our committee for special events is already busy with planning
new events for this year, but any suggestions from the members for something different are more than welcome.

The Budget.

The budget for this year will be € 17.645,00.
The Budget for 2017 has been constructed using all of the information and forecasts that were available at the time the Budget was compiled in January 2017.

Carin Derksen
Treasurer U3A Moraira- Teulada
28 february 2017