Minutes of the Meeting on 2nd May 2016

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the Meeting on 2nd May 2016

at the Salon G.L., Teulada

It is confirmed that the President and Secretary attended this General Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2016.

John Hopwood welcomed everybody to this Meeting. Explained the emergency procedures and requested everybody to switch off their mobile phones.

David Haxon read out the synopsis of the Minutes from the 4th April Meeting. The full minutes had been posted on the Website and were proposed by Frank Lee and seconded by Robert Foster. The minutes were approved by the members with a show of hands.

There were no matters arising from the minutes.

President’s Address

John welcomed the 43 New Members, this number being the same as last month. Badges of identification are given to New Members. John asked that all existing members and Committee members made a point of speaking to New Members so they felt welcomed and part of the U3A.



Carin Derksen firstly thanked several group leaders for submitting their annual accounts; she then presented her report to the Members. A copy of the full report is attached to the Minutes.

Group Coordinator

John explained that Lynn would not be giving her report as her husband had suffered a bad stroke. Lynn asked John to mention the need for three group leaders to take over established groups. Should anyone be interested in being a group leader, they should contact Lynn, by e-mail, she would then explain
the details required by each group.

Travel Report

As Carol was away doing the Santiago de Compostela walk, for charity, Anne Cattle presented the Travel Report. Anne would only be talking about the trips that had spare places. Unfortunately most were full and in some cases there was the possibility of arranging additional buses to accommodate members wanting to be included. There were two trips to Valencia planned, on e 21st September and the other 6th November, both at a cost of €10 per person. On 31st October a trip to Concentaina is now sold out due to additional members this morning. But there is a reserve list. Trips
to Barcelona at the end of the year and two trips in 2017 are planned. A trip to Lisbon another to Cambodia and Vietnam. Details of all trips are on the boards at the meeting and on the website.

Cultural Arts Events

The report was presented by Eileen Hodson in the absence of Beverley and Hugh Stewart. Eileen advised of many events during the next two months, full details of which can be found on the U3A Website.

Members/Committee liaison Officer

To begin with Prue Jackson passed on a message from Pat Clark the Membership Secretary, requesting volunteers to help show New Members the Groups and Coffee room. Prue advised members that the Committee had discussed the question of people joining the U3A at AGM’s which now took place in March. The
system will not be changed, it remains that there will be no joining the U3A at AGM’s.

John explained the position Prue held, she was the representative of the Members liaising with the Committee to ensure the Members views are known and addressed. Any issues Members might have should be e-mailed to Prue.

Matters Arising from the Reports

There were no matters arising from the reports.

Merienida Europea – Europe Day Afternoon Tea

John informed the members that the 9th May at Font Santa, starting with speeches at 5pm; the U3A Band would be playing to International Associations that were invited. All were encouraged to wear their National Costumes, eat the food and drink and generally enjoy the day with people of different Countries and cultures. The full details were on the website and in the News Letter.

Any Other Business

Cheda explained about his Group that spoke about various subjects on History and Arts. Attending the meeting was way for new members to meet people and feel part of U3A. In September they have their 120th talk.

John mentioned that the Quiz Group required a new Group Leader and welcomed anybody to apply to run the Group meeting at Solpark. John introduced Eileen, this Month’s Speaker, talking about The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of daily diet.

The Speech ended with a round of applause from the members. Several Members asked questions which Eileen answered. John gave Eileen a gift of appreciation which again produced a round of applause from the members.

The raffle was drawn and Janice Wilson had the winning ticket, the prize being a voucher for ‘Summerhouse’ to the value of €50.

The meeting ended at 11.45

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