Minutes of the Monthly Meeting – 4th June 2018

Minutes of the Monthly Meeting held on

4th June 2018 at Salon G.L., Teulada.

at 10:30


It is confirmed that the President and the Secretary attended the Meeting as voted in at the AGM on 7th March 2018

David Haxon, the President, welcomed everybody to the Meeting especially the 26 new members. He confirmed the usual Security checks had been made, advised the position of the emergency exits and asked for all mobile phones to be switched off.

Prue Jackson read out the synopsis of the Minutes of the Meeting on 7th May 2018. The full minutes had been posted on the website and were proposed by Sue Donadio, seconded by Janice Wilson and approved by the Members.

Presidents Address:

David told the Members that on Wednesday 30th May a summer ball was held at El Canor, for the 10th Anniversary of the U3A Moraira-Teulada, the first celebration of the year. David sat next to the Mayor, Carlos, and had several very interesting conversations. The area being developed as a commemoration garden in the parkland, in the town, was discussed. The U3A already has a very nice olive tree in memory of Pamela Kershaw, a past Vice President, as well as a park bench in memory of Shirley Baehr a past Group Coordinator. This area is well worth a visit as it is looking particularly colourful. David said he was delighted to welcome Geoffrey Sheen, a long-time supporter of the U3A and his twin brother Peter, who belongs to a U3A in Australia and has travelled to Spain to visit his brother. David was pleased to welcome them both and presented each with a typical Spanish gift. Hopefully they will spend many an hour reminiscing over their times together, over a glass or two of wine. Having wished them well, photographs were taken followed by a round of applause from the Members. Finally David asked the Members to support this year´s Social Events, as a lot of hard works goes into the organising of all events.


Treasurer: Carin read out her financial report, which will be on the Website, saying that as at 7th May the total amount held was € 18.703,09. The income for May was € 670,00 but the expenses were much higher this month at €9.515,98. The total now held is € 9.857,11.

Travel: Carol read out her report but would not go into too much detail as full details can be found on the Website. 6th June there is a day trip to Valdigna at a cost of €44 per person and includes a visit to the ruins of a monastery which has been renovated over the last ten years, lunch at El Palmar and a boat trip on the lakes. There are a few places still available. 21st October a lunch at Viva España at a cost of €45 per person, which includes a horse display and Flamenco Dance Show. On 24th November a night out at Benidorm Palace at a cost of either €60 or €70 depending on the seating position. A 26 day, 25 night trip to Italy from 6th May to 31st May 2019, staying at various places in Italy including the Amalfi Coast and Rome. An approximate cost of € 2.050,00 with a deposit required of €250 per person. Full details can be found not only on the Website, but on the display boards at the General Monthly Meetings.

Group Coordinator: Unfortunately Lynn was unwell and unable to read out her report, but Prue was happy to do this for her. Two new Groups are being advertised, Classical string Music Group – String playing musicians at Intermediate level, getting together to play specially designed classical music, purely for enjoyment and not for public performances. Spicy (food) Group – A new Group meeting monthly to visit Restaurants specialising in exotic foods such as Indian, Mexican, Chinese, Indonesian, Japanese, Greek etc. A Group for couples and singles to enjoy international food, which is already proving popular. All details on the Website or at the Group desk.  The Bridge Group are looking for more members. Apparently a simple game played for enjoyment, in groups of four with two competing partnerships. Beginners, lapsed players or an old hand, please contact the Group Leader, via the Website. Finally Lynn wanted to mention the Drama Group who will be giving a 15 to 20 minute performance for the Members at the Meeting and hoped all would remain after the formal meeting had ended, to support them.

Membership/Committee Liaison: Dot reported a few items, 1) Due to changes in the Data Protection Law, it was important for Members as well as Group Leaders, when sending group emails, to send BCC (Blind copy). This is to ensure individual email address are not made known to all. Lynn has contacted the Group Leaders accordingly. 2) It has been agreed that a Charity will be adopted, at the AGM, each year. Membership fees will NOT be used for Charities. Only money raised from Social Events, specifically arranged for Charities, will donations be given. The Charity chosen for 2018 is ´Make a Smile´. 3)  Cheda, one of the Art/History Group Leaders, having had trouble with his computer, requires all members of the group to re-register with the Group. If this is not done, then information concerning the Lectures etc will not be received. Please, go to the Website and follow the instructions on joining the Group again.

Cultural Arts Events: Hugh read out the information concerning some of the forthcoming events, full details of these and all events, can be found on the Website. The final live transmission, on 12th June for this season from the Royal Opera House, London directly from Covent Garden to Calpe Casa De la Cultura, Cine Roma, Alfaz del Pi and the Condado Theatre in Denia, is a production of Swan Lake. On Sunday 17th June, HELP Denia and Marina Alta have a Charity Golf Day at Oliva Nova Golf Club. 2nd to 7th July, Javea Players present Poor Yorick a rollicking comedy and the Royal Society of St George are holding their annual lunch to celebrate the Queen’s birthday. €25 at La Masena´. Contact Eileen on 96 6495 224 for tickets.

Matters Arising: No matters arising from the reports.

Any Other Business:  There was no other business to discuss, however, David asked if anyone had left a pair of sunglasses at the El Canor Dinner on Wednesday. As no one came forward to claim them, David said he would hold onto them and make further enquiries.

David then asked Peter Sheen to draw the raffle. The ticket number 301 was held by Prue Jackson who won a voucher for €50 to Trossett Garden Centre and Gift Shop. The Drama Group then gave a 5 part humorous presentation, receiving rounds of applause in appreciation.


The meeting closed at 11:25.

The next meeting will be held on 2nd July 2018


Proposed as a true and accurate record of the meeting held on 4th June 2018


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Secretary of the Meeting Titch Crossfield

treasurers Report GM 04.06.18