October 2022, Dining Out
at the Olive Tree restaurant in Moraira

Over 50 members enjoyed the fine dining experience at the Olive Tree on the 4th and 18th of October.  Sandra, Harby and their sons Sebastion and Mathew made sure the variety of food and drinks were of the highest order and all served with a smile.  Judging by the animated conversations and laughter the diners were all having an enjoyable time, many meeting and making new friends during the evening.  Several were reluctant to leave at the end!  

It was only with the negotiating skills of our hosts, Peter and Pauline Griffiths, the price to our members was kept to just €31 despite the escalating cost of food and electricity to the restaurant.  A comparable meal, if dining separately, could well cost at least €5 more.  So thank you Peter and Pauline.

The selection of photographs were taken by John Snell on the first night.