Resume of the meeting held on 21st November 2018

It was good to see so many of the group at the November meeting on Wednesday, and also to extend a warm welcome to new group members John and Pat Barber.

Dave Reynolds and I had a rather hectic 35 minutes before the meeting was due to start as the television refused point blank to communicate with either of the two laptops which were connected to it. New batteries in the remote made no difference, but a few minutes after the meeting was due to start, the TV woke up and behaved itself. What did we do to wake it up? Who knows, because I don’t!

Dave Reynolds gave an extremely informative talk, aided of course by a now well behaved television, on the photo editing programme, Photoshop. I’m sure most people will have heard about Photoshop, and some of our members use it. Dave was able to demonstrate many of the programme’s capabilities, which are not available on other photo editing suites. Since Photoshop is a programme that costs, in this case by a monthly subscription, it was very useful to see what the programme offers over the free ones that are available, so people could judge for themselves whether the expenditure is worthwhile.  I now know what I want for Christmas! Dave has very kindly said that he is happy to help members with Photoshop if it’s needed. So thank you Dave, for another extremely helpful tutorial.

The challenge for the month was “Things beginning with the letter H”, and many members brought images to share. If anyone has a picture from this challenge that they would like to see on the group web page, please email it to the group email address.

The challenge for the coming month, is “Cats and Dogs”, so let’s see what images we can conjure up for the next meeting.

Tom and I are planning to update the web page soon, with help from the webmaster.

The next meeting will be at the Martillo Bar on Wednesday 19th December at 1030. There won’t be a tutorial, but we would like to discuss fully the Photo Exhibition at the end of May. Please take a look at the resume for October, which is on the group web page to see ideas thus far. It goes without saying that we need plenty of exhibits for a successful exhibition, so in due course we’ll be asking you how many images you would like to show, and what sizes they will be. May might seem some distance away in the future, but as we get older time seems to accelerate, and some structured planning will help us in the lead up to the exhibition.