Review of Internal Regulations

Over the past few months a sub committee has been reviewing the Internal Regulations of our U3A. These Internal Regulations are designed to add to and clarify the Constitution, and must be agreed by the members before they are implemented.

The revised draft Internal Regulations have now been approved by the Committee and have been published on the website so that members have a chance to view them before voting on whether to ratify them at the General meeting in September.

The main changes are:

  1. Revised job descriptions. These have now been put in an Appendix so that we can update and add to them as necessary.
  2. New code of conduct leading on to revised procedures covering grievances, complaints, and discipline.
  3. New Data Protection policy and procedures.
  4. New section on charities

Thanks to those on the sub committee who spent many a happy hour putting all this together,

Pat Clarke, Membership Secretary

Lynn Clark, Groups Coordinator

Dot Garrett, Members/Committee Liaison Officer

Please have a look at these Regulations over the summer and if you have any queries or comments please let me, Prue Jackson, know.
I hope you all enjoy the summer break.

Prue Jackson, Vice President