Group Meeting Tuesday 3rd March 2013 at La Senieta

All meetings to be held on the 1st Tuesday in the month starting 4.30pm.

Dear Sailing group members,

Firstly I would like to say welcome to our recent new members.

Thank you to all the members who attended yesterdays meeting. Its nice to know that even though it was cold and raining we still had a wonderful turnout again. Inside La Senieta the rooms are warm and cosy and thoughts of the outside weather are soon forgotten.

We started off the meeting ensuring all present were U3A members.

Sailing Days 

Feed back was asked for about the recent sailing days on the TrickyD out of the Marina De Denia.

We had four trips out with 12 members attending plus three members of the CBYA as bodyguards!!

On two of the trips we had weather topping out at around a force 7 and with only a handkerchief of sails up we were reaching speeds of 7 to 8 knots, happy days.

On another trip we had around 10 knots of wind, blue sky and a calm sea for sailing down to Javea and stopping for a short lunch on a buoy in full sunshine, happy days.

Everyone attending the meeting today who took part were in favour of continuing to support these sailing days, with those who have not yet been out are keen to get going. More sailing days will be arranged during March.

The subject of the 5 clubs regattas which I am involved with was mentioned and I asked if there are any members who would like to be considered for the rest of the Spring series and the next Autumn series. I cannot think of a better way of joining in with Spanish sailing and the Club Nautico’s in this area. This is open to everyone at my discretion.

If anyone would like further details of dates, cost etc. please email me.

Small craft sailing days. 

I feel this is a specialist area and needs some thought and some detailed organising. We are lucky at the moment to have John Westgarth in the group. He is a professional dinghy instructor but sadly he will be leaving us soon for an instructors position in the UK for the summer season.

With this in mind I would like one of our group to help me get this section off the ground and into the water. Enthusiasm and time is all that is needed during the summer. This role could be covered by more than one person if this helps.

Anyone able to help with this role would they please email me.

John is with us until late this month and is offering to take people out on a Hobby cat. He is suggesting a sailing team called Gravitycartel Surfshop in Altea. The cats are hired on an hourly basis which seems good value as they can take three crew plus John.

Anyone interested in taking John up on his offer and want more information please email me.

Competent crew fun. 

As I suggested when we first started this group we need to train in the art of being a competent crew member. Not only to help the boat owners but for everyone’s safety. With this in mind and with everyone’s involvement we will make a part of next months meeting around ropes and their uses. I passed out sheets to all present of the minimum types of knots we need to master. I hope during the next month all members will find some rope and practise. We will make it a fun exercise with a little prize for the best ropertier!! Don’t forget to bring your rope to the next meeting. This is all about you and any input from yourselves will be most welcome.

Thank you all again and look forward to seeing you on sailing days or at the next meeting.

Happy Days.


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