Frequency: Weekly: Thursdays or Fridays – Closed for Summer
Please contact Sybille directly for timings and days on 965 748 652

Venue: Sant Jaume

Group Leader: Sybille Ross

The Bridge Group currently have space available for more members. They  are a group of people who play a friendly game of bridge every Thursdays or Friday afternoons. We have a new venue Restaurant Masia, Sant Jaume.  You do not need a partner. We play Acol and we are usually 2 or 3 tables. We would welcome more players. The restaurant only expects us to order a drink.

Please contact me Sybille on 96 574 8652 – to confirm timings, and which day that the weekly session is taking place and before going to the venue.

Bridge players don’t grow old … they just lose their finesse

Contact the Group Leader:
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