The first Wine Tasting of 2020

The Wine Tasting group held its first meeting of 2020 on the 16th January. As there was no meeting in December, it was an excellent opportunity for members to refill depleted cellars after the Christmas and New Year festivities.

Vicent Monfort, a regular contributor to the group, brought a total of 8 wines from his bodegas to taste, most from the MontSant region. His first offering was a cava, unusual in that it had no labelling on the bottle. Why? It wasn’t produced in the cava area. It had hints of apple and was a popular choice. Four dry white wines followed, all from the MontSant region.

Vicent then followed with three red wines. All were young. The 2018 Jove, always a popular wine, was very well received and many orders were taken. The other two were a Novell 2018, and a Novell 2019. After tasting both, Vicent asked us which we preferred. Opinion was divided, and he then told us that the wines were identical! This caused some raised eyebrows on the table I was on, as we all thought that the two wines had distinctive tastes.

Thanks, as always, go to Group Leaders Brian and Pat Clarke, who spend much time and effort arranging many Bodagas to present their wines for our enjoyment.

Our thanks go to John Snell for the review and to Jan Adams for the photos