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Business Description

Michelle is a natural health practitioner with an unshakeable passion and determination to help you achieve well-being, pain relief and increased energy through a highly personalised holistic approach. A 10% discount is offered to U3A members.

Michelle offers:

  • Kinesiology: Addresses physical, emotional, nutritional and energy imbalances guided by muscle testing.

  • Reflexology: The stimulation of reflexes in the feet enhances the circulation to all organs and glands in the body.

  • Reiki: A Japanese art of ancient healing enabling deep relaxation and energy centre balancing.

  • Swedish and deep tissue massage: Firm, relaxing techniques aiming to reduce stress, increase circulation and mobility


    "I had a very detailed and thorough two hour session of kinesiology to determine an allergic reaction I have been suffering with. Michelle is sympathetic to symptoms and explains throughout what she finds from her work. She then followed up the session with a full report of her findings and recommendations for solutions. I came away feeling much more confident and pleased that I finally have some answers to the problem. Would highly recommend Michelle. Her knowledge is second to none.”
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