Ancient Egypt 17th Sept 2018: The Israelites in Egypt

Hope you had a great summer break (and it was not too hot for you!).
Well, the upcoming season of Egyptology/Ancient World lectures starts up again on Monday 17th September, usual place and usual time (La Senieta, starting at 10:30 am).

We are continuing our Exodus series with two more talks. The first (on the 17th) is entitled ‘The Israelites in Egypt: The Story of Joseph’, followed on 15th October by the subject of the Conquest of the Promised Land.

There have been a few vacant seats lately, which makes me wonder if I am losing my touch! So, if you feel like it, bring interested friends along and, if they like what they see, they can join U3A Moraira-Teulada to get more of the same! I do hope you can join us and look forward to seeing you again Monday week.