Discounts Page

Contact: Jayne Wintle

If you are thinking about having work done on the house, or if there is something you are looking to purchase, have you realised that you might be able to get a discount?

The discount section of the U3A website has been updated. All companies listed on this page have agreed to give you, U3A members a discount to save you money. Discounts vary but will always be a minimum of 5% off public prices.

All you need to do is click on DISCOUNTS on the top banner of the website to find all the businesses and then advise them you are a U3A member when you contact them and show your membership card. What could be easier?

If you have a preferred shop or contractor that you think might be interested in having an advert on the page (it’s free, they just need to offer a discount), let Jayne Wintle, discounts coordinator, know and she can contact them.