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Humour for Third Agers   Link to 'Humour for Pensionistas' page

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29 October 2013


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This version of the U3A website is no longer being updated

Your new Webmaster is Piotr Azia. His new version will have a completely different appearance. If you wish to visit his version, click   here.  Although it is not yet the official U3A website, it does contain some more recent announcements than this one.    
Piotr Azia


U3A Drama Group production

The Moraira-Teulada U3A Drama Group have recently performed Cinderella, a pantomime for the young children of the Teulada school and again for the children of the Moraira school, to help them with their English. A U3A member who attended one of the performances suggested that our U3A members and their   families and friends would enjoy seeing it, as well. So, here they are, ready to perform it for you (with just a short addition to the children's version). Admission is free, and U3A members, families and friends are welcome.  Come along for a fun half hour.


The Constitution & Internal Regulations

This is the announcement that was made on this website before the 6th January General Meeting which contains both the official Spanish version of the Constitution (which is awaiting registration with the authorities in Alicante) and the English language translation:     click here   This is the announcement which Carol Mantle made at the 6th January General Meeting

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Membership Renewal

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