Egyptology Lecture Programme by David Rohl

U3A Egyptology Lecture Programme


David Rohl

(01) Ancient Egypt – An Introduction.

(02) Seeing Through the Eye of Horus. (The landscape and environment of ancient Egypt.)

(03) The Egyptian Genesis. (Archaeological evidence for the foundation of the Pharaonic state.)

(04) From Menes to Apophis. (An overview of the Egyptian dynasties from the foundation of Egyptian civilisation to the end of the Hyksos period.)

(05) From Ahmose to Cleopatra. (An overview of the Egyptian dynasties from the foundation of the New Kingdom to the incorporation of Egypt into the Roman Empire.)

(06) The Bible – Myth or History? (The story of Joseph and the Israelite Sojourn.)

(07) Exodus. (The Tenth Plague and the Miracle of the Sea.)

(08) In the Footsteps of Moses. (Tracing the route through the Sinai Desert.)

(09) Kadesh. (Searching for Aaron and Moses in Jordan.)

(10) Conquest. (Historical events behind the Book of Joshua.)

(11) Mountains of the Pharaohs. (The development of the Egyptian pyramid.)

(12) Houses of Millions of Years. (The great temples of the New Kingdom.)

(13) The Theban Royal Necropolis. (Amenhotep’s Grand Design.)

(14) Wonderful Things! (The Discovery of Tutankhamun’s Tomb.)

(15) A Test of Time. (Conundrums of the Pharaohs.)

(16) Who Plundered Solomon’s Temple? (The mystery of Pharaoh Shishak.)

(17) Legendary Kings and Chronicles. (Rediscovering Israel’s United Monarchy.)

(18) The Lion Man. (Saul and the Hebrew Revolt.)

(19) Solomon and the tomb of Pharaoh’s Daughter. (Discoveries in the eternal city of Jerusalem.)

(20) In Search of Eden. (Locating the legendary garden of Paradise.)

(21) The Great Deluge and the Tower of Babel. (The historical reality behind the biblical flood and the first tower-temple in ancient Mesopotamia.)

(22) When the North Wind Blows. (The age of Indo-European contact with Ancient Egypt.)

(23) The Lords of Avaris. (The foreign oppression in Egypt by the Hyksos.)

(24) The Road to Kadesh. (The great showdown between the Egyptians and the Hittites.)

(25) The Trojan War. (Fact or fiction?)

(26) The Peoples of the Sea. (Ramesses III and the invasion from the north.)

(27) The Phoenix and the West. (The great migration to the Western Mediterranean.)

(28) Rostau. (A necropolis and ritual site at Giza before the pyramids.)

(29) The Secret Chambers of Thoth. (Understanding Sep-Tepi – the First Time.)

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