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New Video: Intersecting Lives JFK and LBJ

By Peter Atkinson John Fitzgerald Kennedy and Lyndon Baines Johnson: their lives, personalities and careers, with an emphasis on the 60s, the decade of their presidencies.  The principal issues were the cold war, civil rights, […]

Lectures in Lockdown

Missing our lectures? The Arts and History Group has prepared some interesting videos for you.
Art & History

The History of the Automobile

By John Hopwood. Commences with an introduction to La Marquese which is the oldest car in the world which is still in full working condition and then goes on to discuss the very earliest ideas […]
Art & History

The History of the Bicycle.

By John Hopwood. This is a slightly humorous look at the history of the bicycle from the first push bikes through the many different designs to the latest racing and mountain bikes. Contains many little-known […]
Art & History

The Life and Works of David Hockney

By John Hopwood. The quite detailed story of this wonderful artists life from his humble beginnings in Bradford to becoming the most expensive living artist in the world. His first picture which was of his […]
Art & History

The Life and Art of Grayson Perry

By John Hopwood. The full story of this artist’s life from his very difficult childhood through to his great success being the only potter ever to wind the Turner Prize and his many achievements as […]