Mosaics 1

Frequency:  Twice a month –  on 2nd and 4th Mondays 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.    

Venue:  Moraira

Group Leader:  Ian Botterell

General information:

Every mosaic you make is a unique creation. It may be a picture, a trivet, a wall decoration, stepping stone, sculpture, almost anything.  While making our mosaics we have lots of fun , chatting and laughing with the friends that we make. The only skill you need is patience, and you need lots of it.
If you are a beginner, you will do two set pieces which will enable you to learn your mosaic skills. After that, you will choose your own pieces. To help with this I have several books with information , ideas and designs, and also many patterns for you to use. I have a large supply of mosaic tiles ( over 100 different colours) which you can buy.

For more information about creating your own mosaics, please contact Ian Botterell:

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Mosaics Group News 


The U3A has a winner! 

The U3A has a winner! 

Congratulations to Sonja van Belkum. She has won 1st prize at the art competition of the Marina Alta Arts Society. Both she and Meri Snell ( who are the teachers of the U3A mosaics groups) put in an entry. Both mosaics groups are exceedingly proud of her. There were cava celebrations at Sonja’s class yesterday. Here is the winning entry. Doesn’t she look wonderful? …
Mosaic Display @ General Meeting 2nd May

Mosaic Display @ General Meeting 2nd May

Before the general meeting on the 2nd of May our 2 mosaic groups had a lovely display of mosaic art pieces from our students and ourselves. It was very well attended and people were very enthusiastic. There was a lot of interest and questions were asked about materials, backgrounds and how long it took to make a piece. Our students and we have tried to answer them all. Some were so enthusiastic, they want to join one of …
Meri´s Mosaics Group - Sept 2021

Meri´s Mosaics Group – Sept 2021

Meri´s Mosaics Group Hurray! We are up and running again after a very long time! Last Wednesday was our second class where seven ´students´ got busy with their projects. We start at 2pm, and the first task of the day seems to be catching up on everyone´s news before the gear is unpacked ready for the mosaic-ing. We have a break around 3.15 when we go upstairs for tea and biscuits, and then we continue till 5pm. It …

Mosaics and the U3A Autumn Fayre

We got up bright and early to pack the car and leave space for 4 bodies. Mosaics are heavy and so we can only put so much in each box, so that wecan still lift them. Fortunately we found a strong man to help us unload. There was a host of people milling around with great purpose, just like a colony of ants as the stalls at The Inn on the Green took shape. Andwe followed suit. An …
Love and Mosaics

Love and Mosaics

How do you show love for a husband who is a BIG Elvis fan? Well, as his birthday is just a few weeks away, you make him an ´Elvis´ sign. “Thank you very much, but I really was hoping for ………..”. So with much love and patience you start again. A whole year later he receives a mosaic portrait of Elvis. Making a face from mosaic tiles is very difficult, to show the correct skin tones and create …