Art and History Talks

Frequency: Monthly: 2nd and 4th Mondays, 10:30-12:30

Venue: La Senieta (Theatre), Moraira    

 Group Leader: Brian Nicholls

There are bi-monthly presentations, alternating Art and History. Members of the group give fully illustrated presentations to share their knowledge of artists, artistic movements, and explain the path of developments and the reasons for change.

Brian Nicholls
Bob Cope
Bob Cope
John Hopwood
John Hopwood
Peter Lobb
Peter Lobb

We are a group of like-minded people who enjoy the many aspects art and of history and we would like to share our enjoyment of these exciting and controversial subjects with our fellow U3A members.

We welcome participation from the audience too, so do come along with your opinions and let us enjoy and take from these meetings new ideas and enlightenment on many extremely colourful subjects.

We meet every other Monday at Espai La Senieta – see list of talks below for exact dates and times

  • The U3A Teulada-Moraira lectures are given in the splendid comfort of the main auditorium of La Senieta, the modern building on the corner of the free public car park in Moraira.
  • No booking is necessary and there is no group to join – just turn up and take a seat.
  •  However, to ensure that you receive prior notice of all of the talks it is advisable to let us have your email address.
  • All U3A members are welcome to these FREE lectures.

Directions to the Espai la Senieta (same building as the Tourist Office)

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Group news

New video: Outdoor Art in Spain…

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Lectures in Lockdown

Missing our lectures? The Arts and History Group has prepared some interesting videos for…

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Video of A&H Lecture: The Magic That Was the Concorde

If you enjoyed the lecture you can watch it again and, if you missed it, for the first time, by clicking on the video below. Lecturer: Pete Carrigan Pete was a flight engineer 3rd pilot, and flew for 28 years for British Airways. He accumulated over 10,000 hours on 747s over 15 years, and then over 3,500 hours over the next 12 years on Concorde, continuing to fly on this amazing supersonic passenger aircraft right up to its final flight.…

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Art & History lecture: Sorolla

At the Art & History Group meeting at the La Senieta theatre on Monday morning 27th January, one hundred and thirty members attended to listen to a talk on the wonderful Valencian artist, Joaquin Sorolla. This was the first talk of this year and it was presented by John Hopwood, one of this group’s leaders. Lasting just over one hour the audience were entertained by John’s talk which included approximately one hundred and fifty illustrations of Sorolla’s wonderful…

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Art & History 11th March

This week Angela Chantry gave a most interesting talk regarding Carmen Amaya who started life as a poor gypsy girl living in a deprived slum area of Barcelona who became the most celebrated female flamenco dancer. She has been called "the greatest Spanish Romany dancer of her generation"and "the most extraordinary personality of all time in flamenco dance”.  She was the first female flamenco dancer to master footwork previously reserved for the best male dancers, due to its speed and…

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List of past Art Appreciation and History lectures September 2009 to date