A message from your new President, Jill Cole

NEWSLETTER Number 59 - January 2014

Jill Cole
Jill Cole President

I would like to introduce myself; I live in the village of Benitachell with my husband, Nick;we have been in Spain for six years. We chose Benitachell after visiting other areas ofSpain and finding this area to hold such a variety of scenery and activities. We live in thevillage so we can participate in the village life.

Prior to moving to Spain we lived in Hampshire where I worked for a large AmericanCompany. Over the years I worked in different departments but always related to financeand with a team of people, not always based in the same location, to manage. We relocated in January2008, after my husband and I made the brave decision to move full time to Spain. For the first two years Iwas still working full time but retired in 2010.

When we were in the UK I used to enjoy playing squash, going to the gym and sailing. Now I enjoy walking,swimming and yoga. I have been attending Spanish lessons for the last 5 years and I still find it challenging.One day I hope to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish!

So how did we get involved in the U3A? Well, we heard that the Travel Group arranged some great tripsand that the Spanish Teachers were very good. I agree that the Spanish Teachers are very good and theTravel Group do arrange some great trips. I have found the U3A to be a great way to meet people and youare sure to find a group to interest you.

In 2011 I was asked if I would join the Committee and take over the Treasurerā€™s role. As many of youknow, I stood in for Ann Colclough in 2012 and ran the Monthly Meetings for three months. I must havedone a fair job as I was asked by various members to stand for the role of President after Ann resigned.

During 2014 I hope to make the Monthly Meetings more interesting, via more interaction between theMembers and the Committee, a selection of speakers that will be of interest to all and also informative.Maybe we will have another Dinner Dance, but I would like to hear from the Members what group activitythey would like us to arrange for them. I know we will not be able to satisfy everyone but we will have ago.