All Computers

After a long enforced break the Computer Group will resume monthly meetings from October 2021. Hooray !

All Computers 7Feb2017

Normally, meetings will be held

on the first Tuesday of each Month

Venue: Aula de Asociaciones, Calle Doctor Calatayud 45, Moraira

Between 14:00H and 16:00H

Computers, smartphones and tablets are pretty much an essential part of our lives today, but they don’t always work the way we expect and on top of that they keep changing so we all need help from time to time in dealing with them.

  • Do you feel like a beginner? Let us know what you would like to learn and we can arrange one or more sessions as necessary to help you get up to speed.
  • Want to get the best out of your computer, smartphone or tablet?
  • Or perhaps you usually manage but are stuck on a particular problem?

The All Computers Group meets on the first Tuesday of each month so that the members can provide mutual help and share our knowledge.

You can just turn up at one of our monthly sessions

If you cannot come along on Tuesday, contact the Group Leader at any time during the month with as much detail as possible and we will to arrange some help.

We also welcome experienced users who are willing to help others.

Our meetings are sociable events and we hope that by sharing our experiences everyone will learn something.

Key Helpers include:

  • Apple iPhones, iPads and iMacs: Piotr Azia, David Reynolds, Peter Holley
  • Android smartphones and tablets: Peter Bayliss,
  • Windows PCs: Peter Bayliss, Peter Holley

If you are unable to attend the next meeting you can also email for help.

Directions to our classroom