Healthy Walking Group End of Season Dinner 22 May 2024

The dinner was held at Javea Golf Club and the meal and service were excellent.

With a fluctuating population it is difficult to choose a date which suits everyone and all but 2 Walk Leaders were able to be there.

Group Leader Brian made a brief resume of the year. He thanked the Leaders for all their support whilst he is recovering from surgery and he threatened to be leading walks in September!

Apart from leading two walks a week, Leaders have to check the walk a day or two before for blocked paths, closed parking areas etc. and make quick alterations. Indeed Mike was spotted cutting steps in a muddy slope to make a walk safer. He has also planned three new walks for next year.

Jacqui completed 56 of the 63 walks and Peter led the most walks. Two new walks were introduced this year.

Only one walk in the year’s schedule had to be cancelled due to slippery conditions. Walk Leaders have been impressed by the numbers who turned up with groups averaging over 30. Strangely, despite moans about the start time changing to 9am recently, even more walkers turned up!

There are 223 signed up members of the group and there are 171 active members, but 52 have not turned up for a single walk!

Brian thanked everyone for their support over the year which makes the Healthy Walking Group so special.

After 10 years he said 2024/25 will be his last as Group Leader.