Healthy Walking report February 2024

All planned walks are checked a few days before they take place. Roads may be closed, gates locked or paths become unsuitable.

The lovely walk round the hill above Lliber was considered too unstable for walkers to walk safely so the first February walk was changed to what is called ‘The Zoo Walk’ which passes what once was a private zoo although few animals remain. 35 walkers enjoyed that.

The next walk was an easy but picturesque walk up to Senija from Benissa. There the group was able to admire more murals on the house walls. These were begun in 2017 to hopefully attract visitors. It is well worth a walk round the cute streets to view the murals. 27 did this walk.

A favourite walk is the ‘Parcent North West Loop’ where we used to be able to enjoy amazing almond blossom but disease has devastated the trees. 33 did this walk.

At the end of February a new walk was introduced. It was thought that perhaps it was too far to travel but 32 turned up on Tuesday and 24 on Thursday. This starts at La Sella Golf Club by the Marriot Hotel beyond Jesus Pobre. It is varied through orange groves, a lot of rocky paths through woodland and past attractive houses and with lovely coastal views.

The Quarry Walk is the steepest walk in the schedule but an intrepid 26 and 27 turned up at the beginning of March although not everyone managed to reach the top.

If you enjoy walking and good company, contact the Group Leader who will send you the walking schedule with all the information you need.

N M Cummins