Minutes of the December 2023 General Meeting

University of the Third Age Moraira-Teulada

Minutes of the General Meeting held on

4th December 2023 as Salon G.L., Teulada

Records of attendance showed that over 100 individuals had “signed in” to the meeting with each being treated to a coffee and mince pie.

Welcome and Reminder of safety procedures

Prue Jackson pointed out the safety arrangements and asked for mobile telephones to be turned off or put in silent mode.

Synopsis of the last meeting (October 2023)

Tony Old read out a synopsis of the minutes of the October 2023 meeting. The full minutes had been posted on the website. Acceptance was proposed by Ray Guise-Smith and seconded by Lyn Radford-Johnson. Approved by members by a show of hands.

Presidents Address

Prue Jackson thanked all of the Group Leaders for their efforts throughout the year when lots of great events had taken place. Amongst these were the summer garden party arranged by Tony Old and with a further event to look forward to shortly with the Annual Dinner/Dance on Friday of this week. David and Eileen Haxon had driven a number of their ever popular Quiz Nights and raised a considerable amount of money for our chosen charity, as had the Knit and Natter Group.

Particular thanks were given to Pat Clarke for her efforts during the year which were central to the smooth running of Moraira/Teulada U3A.

Treasurers Report

Annette Warr reported that we had funds of 39,657 Euro which did of course include our usual contingency. Most trips had taken place and had been paid for with 6575 Euro creditors in the accounts.


Prue Jackson reflected on the loss of one or two groups and the possible reasons behind this. Against this a “Men that Lunch” group was likely to come into operation in the New Year.

Prudence then thanked Jean Mudge for her work over the years and made a presentation to her which was very warmly received.

A proposed charity event in March 2024 had had to be cancelled due to works that were to be carried out in the Senietta although no definite dates for the work were known. We have made requests for handrails to be installed in the theatre area and for improvements to be made to the sound system.

Travel Group

Coral Guise-Smith reported that the recent trip to Benidorm Palace had been very good and that the trip to the Orange Grove on January 17th was now full but with vacancies for the Ikea trip.

With regard to the Jordan Trip it is still on and the Travel Agent is a member of ABTA which gives us reassurance if things should take a turn for the worse. Concerns are understood but if members do cancel they will lose their deposits.

A river cruise was possible in 2025 which would start from Paris, seemingly satisfying a number of members desire to visit the city. This will be covered further in the Travel Newsletter.

Prudence Jackson thanked Coral for her efforts during the year.

Social Events

Tony Old was looking forward to the Dinner/Dance on Friday which he hoped would receive the same excellent feedback that had been given for the 2022 event. The same number of people were attending this year’s event and this year a draw will be held to raise money for the Make a Smile charity.

Tony will begin to look at next year’s events in the New Year.

Membership/Committee Liaison

Once again Steve Higham was able to report that he had nothing to report.

Matters arising from the reports

Nothing was raised.

Any other Business

Nothing was raised

Presentation to the 2023 Chosen Charity

David Haxon outlined the things that had been done to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Charity. David and Eileen had raised 1500 Euro through their quiz nights and the Knit and Natter group had raised a considerable amount. This had been supplemented by a donation of 2000 Euro from the Caixa Bank in recognition of the work for charity that had been done.

A cheque for 4234 Euro was presented to Sylvia Tatnell, the Chairman of the Charity who was effusive in her thanks and gave an insight into what the money could do for them. Their next project will be to expand their centre in Teulada which at the moment is too small.

Chosen Charity for 2024

It was proposed that the charity for next year should be Make a Smile and this was approved through a show of hands.

Prudence Jackson wished everyone a Happy Christmas before the meeting closed at 11.04 when all present were treated to a selection of popular and carol music by the Denia Rock Choir

President: Prudence Jackson ………………………………………………………………………

Secretary: Paul Sankey ………………………………………………………………………..