Resume of the Photography Group meeting held on 20th March 2019

Eleven members of the group attended the meeting.

Group Outing. Eight people went to the group outing to see and take pictures on the 19th March of the Denia Fallas and the flower procession. It was the first time that some of the group had seen the effigies and the mascleta; it was a good day out.

Photographic exhibition.

More pictures are needed from group members if the exhibition planned for 19th – 31st May is to be successful. We need 200+ images (of all sizes) and we have promises of less than half that. Several members have had pictures produced by DS labs in the UK and then delivered to Spain. Full information on their products, pricing and how to order can be found on their website at   If anyone needs help with this please contact me. Alternatively you can always print your own images onto good quality Photographic paper.

Dave Reynolds brought a sample of a white 2.5mm Plastonda board obtained from Leroy Merlin at Ondara at 9.95€ for a 2.0m x 1.0m board, for mounting the images. He has tested it; the results are good and he has now mounted all his pictures on this board. See the link Dave bought the last 2 boards from Ondara, but more are expected on 2nd April. According to the Leroy Merlin website, they are available at the Finestrat store, but can also be ordered online. The 3.5mm Corex board, which members have used before, available from Gorila Grafica in Moraira, is more expensive at 66€ for a 3 x 2 metre board.

For those members who are concerned about the quality of their photographs, and are not confident in using an editing programme, please don’t be put off by that, as there are group members who are willing and able to help you. Just please let me know.


A histogram of an image is a very useful to assess if the exposure is correct. Two short videos were shown, explaining what a histogram is, how a photographer can interpret it and use the information to perhaps adjust exposure. Links to the videos are   and


The challenge for March was “Candid Camera”, and several members shared images that fitted the bill, including several that were taken at the outing the previous day. Philip Legrove delved into the bag for the next challenge which is “Street Lighting”.

Next meeting.

The next meeting will be on April 17th at 1030 at the Martillo bar. It will be used to help group members mount their images for the exhibition onto boards. I am also happy to set aside a couple of mornings or afternoons in April for people to come to my house and mount pictures if they need assistance.