Resumé of the Photography Group meeting on 16th January 2019

There were nine group members at the January 2019 meeting. John Snell said that 3 people have joined the group since the last meeting, Patricia McGowan, Nessa Hart and Philip Legrove, although none were able to attend this meeting.

Photography exhibition. The group requested that the Sala Exposiciones in la Senieta be made available for a photographic exhibition from 18 – 31 May 2019. The 18th May is not available, but the Ayuntamiento has given verbal agreement that we can have the room from 19th – 31st May. The group decided that we should go ahead with these dates, mounting the exhibition on Sunday and Monday 19th and 20th, have the exhibition open to the public from 21st – 30th May, and to then dismantle the exhibition on 31st May.

Both John Snell and Tom Birch have equipment used at the previous exhibition, eg hanging wires, clips, stands. The horizontal rail around the walls, from which many images will be hung is about 3.5 meters above the floor so several ladders are going to be needed. A van will be needed to transport the bulky items to and from the venue, and Tom B hopes he can source this.

The subjects groups, and suggestions of where and how to have images printed and mounted are in more detail in the resume of the December 2018 meeting, which can be found at

The challenge for the past month was “Fruit” and “Capture this festive season”, and several members had images which featured either or both. Tom shared a video, accompanied by music, of the hundreds of people gathered at El Portet beach on Christmas Day.

There wasn’t a speaker from the group to give a talk on a particular subject, but at previous meetings many group members have said that YouTube has a host of videos giving tips and information on general and specific photographic subjects. So we showed a 15 minute YouTube video which showed the interaction of ISO, aperture and shutter speed. The link to it is Although it was giving basic information, the feedback from the group was that it was very worthwhile, and various subjects should be explored further, although priority should be given to chats by group members.

What camera(s) do you use? If we are going to show some You Tube videos at meetings, it may be worthwhile showing some which apply to specific cameras that members have. Those attending the meeting wrote down what cameras they use, and out of the nine attending, 5 had a Nikon D5500 or D5600, and several had iPhones. So, for those that were not at the meeting, can you please let me know by email what camera(s) you use, and we can then see if we can get tips for using features we may not be aware of?

Finally, the challenge flor the next month is “Shadows”.

The next meeting is scheduled for 20th February at the Martillo Bar at 1030.