Our website is controlled by Categories

What are categories?

Each post in WordPress is filed under one or more Categories. This aids in navigation, placing posts on our front and inside pages (e.g. the Groups page) and allows posts to be grouped with others of similar content.

How to assign categories

When you create a post, you should select the appropriate category in the right hand box. You may need to click on the ^ sign to open the Categories section:

Special categories

Authors should only use categories assigned to their specific activity (e.g. Photography, Dining Out, etc.) If you wish to use a different category, please check with the webmaster. Some categories are reserved for special use, such as Group page, Service_Group, etc – please refrain from using them – check with the webmaster in case of doubt.

List of current Categories

Shown as example, adapted as required by web administrators

Category NameDescription
ArchivedDefault if no other category assigned
Associate_groupFor all associate groups
Cultural ArtsCultural Arts – non-U3A events
E-news BulletinsPosts for e-news Bulletins
Group pageUse ONLY for group pages – used by the Groups page to generate the list of groups
GroupsGroup activities – main category, individual groups areplaced under this category
– Art & HistoryArt and History Talks
– Art & History ArchiveArchive of past Art and History Talks
– Canasta
– ComputersHelp for users of computers, tablets and smartphones
– Creative Writing
– Dining Out
– Dramarama
– EgyptologyEgyptology talks
– Egyptology_archiveArchive of Egyptology talks
– Gardening
– Golf
– GreenBowls
– HealthyWalking
– Ladies Lunch – Las Chicas Que Comen
– Lunch & DineLunch and Dine groups
– Matters ArisingDiscussion group
– Modern Sequence Dancing
– Mosaics
– MoviesFilms new and back catalogue
– Pétanque
– PhotographyMeet other photographers, exchange ideas and improve your skills
– Spanish LessonsUsed to highlight Spanish Lessons on front page of website
– SundaySolo
– Ukulele
– WalkingFootball
– Wine TastingTaste wines
Local EventsLocal area non-U3A events
NewsNews about the U3A and its activities
NewsletterPosts to be included in the next newsletter
Practical Info
Service_groupFor Service Groups e.g. Support Group, Baby Equipment loan
SliderPosts will be shown in Home page slider
SpotlightUsed for Spotlight on front page
spotlight2Used for Spotlight2 on front page
TravelTravel events
TravelarchiveArchived travel events
U3AU3A latest posts including Agenda, AGM, Renewals,Meetings, Social Eventsbut NOT Minutes which are documentation
MembershipPosts concerning membership
MinutesMinutes of the U3A General Meetings
VintageVintage photos and videos of the Costa Blanca
WebsiteHelp for web authoring ONLY

Administrating categories: add, edit, remove

These are admin level functions – authors and editors should refrain from making any changes. Please contact an administrator if you have a query.