All posts we publish on the website are automatically shared with our pages on Facebook and Google+. This allows us to reach proactively (don’t you just love this word?) more users, who can be alerted to new content if they want to (see link below).

Editors don’t need to undertake any additional action when creating posts, however, they should be aware of some specific behaviours of the sharing app.:

1. When you publish a post, the sharing app. will use the featured image if available. Failing that, it will use a picture within the post or the post’s header picture if nothing else is available,

2. You can share only ONCE – once you’ve pressed the publish button, the app. will share to the social networks the current version and ignore any further changes you may make to the post.

In practice, this means that you have to get the pictures and text right before pressing the publish button. The only way to correct things is to delete the entry in Facebook (by asking the website administrator to do it) and create a new post on the website, copying and pasting the content from the old post, then deleting the first one. A bit laborious, but worth it in case it’s necessary – I’ve done a few times. It also means that we better get it right the first time.

Additional information on sharing posts with social networks