Wine Tasting – March 2024

56 ‘winos’ (I believe this is the collective noun for a group of Wine Tasters and the Oxford English Dictionary will be adding it to their list in the new addition) turned up for this regular great social event, including 11 newbies. I briefly met many of them as I cruised the tables to say hello to friends and I assured them of a great time. I said hello to Glenda, a seasoned ‘wino’ (or is it pickled in this sense?) who had Alfy under her wing as a newcomer. I’m sure you enjoyed the evening Alfy.

It was an earlier start at 5 pm at the request of the Bodega and, although I saw a few latecomers, I hope it didn’t mean your afternoon siesta was interrupted too much? The very knowledgeable Marta, who fronted the event on behalf of the Bodega, looks only school age – I suspect her mother may have wanted her home before it got too dark. In all seriousness, it is a long drive home for them and Pedro, Marta’s colleague, will have been pleased with an emptier van on their return trip.

We tasted some fine New Vintage wines from 2023 in the whites and the rosado and two tasty reds bearing the Pino name as a nod to the 5 centuries old pine tree that grows in the 300 hectares vineyard. My toungue delighted in the white I particularly love, the Pino Doncel Sauvignon Blanc, but I’m sure it’s just ‘tongue memory’ with all the wine tasting events I’ve been to. As luck would have it, my raffle ticket was drawn and I was able to take one home to add to the other dozen I bought! At the end of the evening (it was still light and you could make it home for the early evening news if you so wished) I saw a few ‘winos’ staggering along the road …. carrying their heavy boxes of wine …

Keep an eye out for the day trip that Pat and Brian hope to organise (date in June yet to be arranged) to Bleda’s spectacular vineyard near Jumilla where we will no doubt see Marta again and sample the lovely wines and have a further opportunity to restock the wine fridge.

Thank you to the Hill Top for hosting the event and a big ‘Cheers’ to Pat and Brian for all their hard work in organising.

Our thanks go to Fiona Sankey for the review of the evening and to Dina Jones & Gary Mantle for the lovely photos