Wine Tasting – November 2023

“I thought I’d do a Christmas Advert, like they’re doing on the telly and online.
I can sell ‘Corcovo Image,’ Domingo, Franco and their wine!
We were greeted by The Legend that is Franco, in his Slogan tee,
He bought it for a fee, from a pop up ad on Facebook.
Well I think I’m a legend also… I’ll have to take a look!
Nice to see new faces and share a glass or two,
I met the lovely Glenda, she’d already had a few!
So… Christmas is coming. The tree’s in place, unwrapped.
There’s no Christmas cards to write, I’ll do that all on Whatsapp!
I’ve draped all the fairy lights, just got to test and plug them in.
I’ve Michael Bublé on repeat… until hubby chucks that ‘din’ in the bin!
I’m dreaming of my menu, that Christmas meal delight.
All that turkey, sprouts and stuffing washed down with a fine Corcovo white..
I might buy an extra box or three, to wrap and give to friends,
…i’ll pop them under the tree..
I’ll have a nice surprise at Christmas when I see they’re all labled.. Me !!”

Thank you as usual to Corcovo Wines, for hosting and presenting the fabulous award winning wines
which included three whites, a rosado and two reds. A round of applause to the Hilltop for
accommodating the 55 rowdy U3A ‘winos’ and of course special thanks to Pat and Brian for their
impeccable planning.

Next wine stop is the special Christmas meal at Satari’s … so start sorting out your glad rags.

Look out for further wine tasting events in the New Year…

Our thanks go to Fiona Sankey for her Christmas ‘ditty’ and to Gary Mantle who captured the evening with his lovely photos.