The Dining Out group return to the renovated Restaurant Costa Marco – May 2023

On Tuesday, 16th May 60 Members arrived at Costa Marco Restaurant in Benimarco to be greeted by Sandra, Lily & Team with a glass of cava and delighted exclamations as Sandra recognised customers from long long ago at her previous incarnation as a member of the team at “La Masena”, albeit many members were visiting this particular restaurant for the very first time – and a new venture for Sandra.

It was a lovely evening, before the rains arrived the following week, and the views from the terrace stunning, looking across the valley towards Montgo in the distance. In view of our numbers we had arranged to dine inside and everyone was very impressed with how light and open, yet cosy, the ambience.

The food was excellent – no-one was disappointed – and the pictures say more than words can convey. On chatting with those present as the evening progressed it was agreed by all that Costa Marco should become a regular fixture in the future.