Dining Out

Frequency: Monthly:  1st and 3rd Tuesdays
Venue: Moraira and local areas
Group Leader: John Snell

The Dining Group Hosts

John and Meri Snell
John and Meri Snell
Brian and Aileen Malone
Colin and Sue Donadio
Colin and Sue Donadio
Stewart and Hilary Wass

The purpose of the group is for its members to have a good time, meeting old and new friends while dining out at different restaurants in the local area. The group normally meets on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of each month, from September to November and January to May, at a restaurant chosen by the hosts for that month. Most events are held in the evenings, but occasionally at lunchtime during the winter months, or if the events are held a bit further away from Moraira.

Details of the chosen restaurant, menus and costs are e-mailed to all group members well in advance of the event, and it is then up to the group members, (couples and singles), to decide whether they wish to attend, and then inform the hosts with their menu choices.

Depending on the restaurant, there are six to eight people per table. Table allocation at both events each month is randomly allocated by the hosts, thus giving people the chance to meet new friends, at restaurants that they may not know.

The price per person for the menu will normally not be more than 35€, to include a 3 course meal, half a bottle of wine per person, water and a staff gratuity. Payment (cash only) is collected by the hosts at the event.

Contact the Group Leaders: group-diningout@u3amoraira-teulada.org
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Dining Out @ Victoria Station - Sept 2023

Dining Out @ Victoria Station – Sept 2023

On Tuesday 5th September 24 members of the U3A Dining Group went to restaurant “Victoria Station” in Parcent for lunch. This was the group’s first ever time there and an excellent way to start the 2023/2024 season of group activities. Whereas the usual practice is to offer one lunchtime and one evening event, it was decided that the distance involved might deter some members from driving to Parcent at night. Given that on the second occasion on Tuesday 19th September …
The Dining Out group return to the renovated Restaurant Costa Marco - May 2023

The Dining Out group return to the renovated Restaurant Costa Marco – May 2023

On Tuesday, 16th May 60 Members arrived at Costa Marco Restaurant in Benimarco to be greeted by Sandra, Lily & Team with a glass of cava and delighted exclamations as Sandra recognised customers from long long ago at her previous incarnation as a member of the team at “La Masena”, albeit many members were visiting this particular restaurant for the very first time – and a new venture for Sandra. It was a lovely evening, before the rains arrived the …
March Dining Out at the Antiquary Restaurant in Benitachell

March Dining Out at the Antiquary Restaurant in Benitachell

The Antiquary restaurant in Benitachell is a relatively small and cosy restaurant in Benitachell in which the group has held a number of events over the years. It’s the favourite of hosts Peter and Pauline Griffiths, and so it was fitting that they chose the Antiquary to hold the last event that they would host for our Dining Out group. A total of sixty group members attended the two events in March, and owners Antonio and his wife Maria produced …
February Dining Out at the Attico Restaurant in Javea

February Dining Out at the Attico Restaurant in Javea

Last year the group decided to widen the area where our events take place and to also organise the occasional lunchtime event instead of during the evening. In April last year the group went to the Attico Restaurant in Javea, and in November held a lunchtime event at the EL Campo restaurant, also in Javea. Both were very popular, and so in February we decided to once again go to the Attico, but to have one event at lunchtime and …
January Dining Out at Restaurant Maxim

January Dining Out at Restaurant Maxim

After a break in December, the Dining Out gathered together on the 17th January at Restaurant Maxim in Moraira. The group first went to Restaurant Maxim about 6 years ago, soon after Maxim and his sister Lola took over the premises, and over the years the restaurant has gradually increased its capacity both inside for the winter months and outside during the summer. During that time the restaurant has gained an excellent reputation and is consistently rated as one of …


15TH NOVEMBER 2022 Something a bit different for the Members of the Dining Out Group this month – a lunchtime event at El Campo, Benitachell where Brenda and her staff looked after us extremely well, and a good time was had by all. Bookings over the past year or so have dropped considerably in number for a variety of reasons, and we hosts agreed to try having a lunchtime event to see how that would work and whether Members would …
October 2022, Dining Out<br>at the Olive Tree restaurant in Moraira

October 2022, Dining Out
at the Olive Tree restaurant in Moraira

Over 50 members enjoyed the fine dining experience at the Olive Tree on the 4th and 18th of October. Sandra, Harby and their sons Sebastion and Mathew made sure the variety of food and drinks were of the highest order and all served with a smile. Judging by the animated conversations and laughter the diners were all having an enjoyable time, many meeting and making new friends during the evening. Several were reluctant to leave at the end! It was …
September 2022 Dining Out at A’ Cas’ e Renat’ in Moraira

September 2022 Dining Out at A’ Cas’ e Renat’ in Moraira

After the usual summer break the Dining Out group held 2 events at the Italian Restaurant A’ Cas’ e Renat’ in Moraira during September. The restaurant sits in the heart of the town and opened earlier this year. The owners come from Naples, with Renato and his wife, head chef Maria, providing dishes typical from of that area of Italy; A’ Cas’ e Renat’ did just that for us. To start there was a delicious and varied plate of antipasto, …
May 2022 Dining Out

May 2022 Dining Out

The last events of this season took place at the ever popular BeniAsia Chinese restaurant in Benitachell. The numbers of 24 and 21 on the 3rd and 17th were lower than expected for a variety of well documented reasons affecting our numbers. Then in May we saw a sharp increase of prices in shops and restaurants and we know some people are tightening their belts accordingly. Fan Fan kept to her contracted price without reducing the quality and quantity of …
April 2022. Dining Out at the Attico restaurant

April 2022. Dining Out at the Attico restaurant

Well, what a difference! Diners who came to our first dinner arrived in the pouring rain huddling under umbrellas, whilst those that came to the second arrived in wall-to-wall sunshine. What was the same for both was the excellent food and service that we enjoyed. We left the familiar haunts of Moraira and Benitachell behind and met at the delightful Attico restaurant on the top floor of the Javea Hotel in the port area, with stunning views of the port …
Dining Out at Satari's - March 2022

Dining Out at Satari’s – March 2022

Abi is back! And at his best! After a break of nearly three and a half years, the U3A Dining Out group met at Satari’s restaurant on 15th March for a special Greek evening meal. Our hosts were Brian and Pat Clarke who, as usual, were very gracious and well organised hosts. We were welcomed by a glass of cava and then our starters were a plate almost overflowing with the most delicious Greek meze for us to share. Of …
February 2022 - The Dining Out at the OliveTree Restaurant

February 2022 – The Dining Out at the OliveTree Restaurant

During two evenings in February, the Dining Out group went to the Olive Tree restaurant in Moraira. This venue has always been popular with the group, and with the last event being held there in November 2019, it was a welcome return. A total of 83 diners enjoyed a really excellent meal provide by Sandra and her team who supplied varied dishes to satisfy very different palates. After arriving, everyone was offered a welcome glass of cava. To start, diners …
January 2022 - Dining Out group at the Antiquary Restaurant Benitachell

January 2022 – Dining Out group at the Antiquary Restaurant Benitachell

Moraira Teulada’s Dining Out Group held its first event of 2022 on 11th and 18th January at the boutique restaurant, Antiquary, in Benitachell. Usually this venue attracts 32 dinners for each of three visits. This year a combination of concerns by some members of covid and the 90 day rule for non-residents saw numbers drop to 49 over the two evenings. Those who did attend had a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We started with a welcome cocktail and tasters before a …