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Welcome to issue number 87 of the Newsletter

 September 2016  


The newsletters are compiled by Dot Garrett.  

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Copy date for October 2016 Newsletter:  23rd September 2016


  Next U3A Meeting

The next General Meeting will be held on

Monday, 5th September 2016

at the Salóns G.L, Avenida del Mediterráneo 32, Teulada at 10:30 a.m.

Doors open to members at 09:30 a.m.


Note : There will not be a speaker at the September meeting



Message From Our President

 By John Hopwood

When I hauled myself out of bed at dawn this morning it was the first day for some considerable time that I didn’t rush to open all of the windows as there was a distinctly cooler breeze blowing through those already ajar.

That’s a pretty good indication that yet another summer season is drawing to a close and life will soon begin to return to normality.

It would seem to have been a very good season for those directly involved in the tourist business if the traffic jams, parking problems and lack of places at favourite restaurants are indicators.

My wife Sue feels sure that it hasn’t been as hot as some recent summers as we have hardly ever used the air conditioners but I feel that may be due to our having replaced old ceiling fans with modern, larger diameter units and I certainly prefer to use those rather than the A/Cs.

Anyway, our autumn season approaches and, after the summer break, the next General Meeting is only a week away on the 5th September.

Our hard working Social Events Committee is looking forward to welcoming many of you at the September 14th Font Santa Picnic when you will be entertained by Duo Intermezzo and our own U3A member, the inimitable Dave Peachy. Last chance to book your tickets for this event will be at the General meeting

The Social Events Committee have also announced the next Christmas Dinner/Dance which will be on the 9th December at El Canor. Do use our website to download the menu and booking forms for this event.

As always, I am indebted to all those who work so hard on behalf of our members whether it be in Committee, as Group Leaders or those who have particular individual responsibilities, e.g. for the website, for the newsletter, those who help with membership renewals, the wonderful folk who help with the Travel Group and any I may have inadvertently omitted! There are so many who are willing to help with so many different aspects of our Association and my sincere thanks to all of them.

Make the most of the many Groups and events in your U3A!


Amelia Earhart

History Talk 12th September 2016 :


Strange London Histories and Iconic Photographs of the 20th century

Date: Monday 12th September 2016 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subjects: Strange London Histories by Cheda Panajotovic, and Iconic Photographs of the 20th century by Brian Nicholls

To start the new lecture season and welcome you all including of course, any new members, Cheda and I are going to present two different talks of about 45 minutes each. Cheda will present a talk on ‘Strange London Histories’ and I will present a range of ‘Iconic Photographs of the 20th century’. Cheda, was as many of you will know, an accredited London tour guide and I have, in my long career as a Graphic designer and Lecturer, often acting as an art director, sifted through many, many images and although we may not remember them, some, both tragic, heart warming and often poignant, you will instantly identify with. We both look forward to seeing you on the first ‘day of school’!

Strange London Histories by Cheda Panajotovic

Some historical facts read as anything but!

Did you know that Oliver Cromwell was publicly punished by being hung, drawn and quartered some twenty nine months after his death? Did you know that this famous ‘parliamentarian’ ruled for most of his ‘protectorate’ without an elected parliament! Did you know that Cromwell, who was King in all but name was addressed as Your Highness when spoken to? Did you know that before his exhumation, he lay in state in Westminster Abbey among the Kings and Queens of England?

Such stories, often quite unbelievable are truly the stuff of legend.


Iconic Photographs of the 20th century by Brian Nicholls.

One could fill many talks with different images of man’s interaction with each other throughout history. This talk concentrates on photographic images from the last century with just two from the 19th and 21st centuries. Few will forget the enduring image of the little girl running, naked and with terrible burns, from a mis-directed bombing attack in the Vietnam war. She survived and there is another story to tell beyond just that dramatic image. This is just one example from the presentation. Another, is the story of the  ‘Hindenburg’ as she arrived in New York in the 1930’s. Many, sadly did not survive. This disaster has echoes in a recent major news item which I will explain. I have also included many other images with much happier outcomes.



160926 Art Talk 26th Sep: Dante Gabriel Rossetti

 Art Talk 26th September 2016:

 Dante Gabriel Rossetti

Date: Monday 26th September 2016 10:30

Location: Salón de Actos, Espai la Senieta, Moraira (next to the large free car park)

Subject: Dante Gabriel Rossetti and his muses

Lecturer: Angela Chantry

Dante Gabriel Rossetti (1828 – 1882).  Poet and painter, founder and acknowledged leader of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Dante Gabriel Rossetti has beguiled and intrigued for more than a century with his turbulent and romantic imagery. His art was characterised by its sensuality and its medieval revivalism. Rossetti's personal life was closely linked to his work, especially his relationships with his models and muses Fanny Cornforth, Elizabeth Siddal, and Jane Morris.

Christmas Dinner Dance 2016

Christmas Dinner Dance 2016

By popular demand, the social subcommittee have arranged another fantastic evening for you at Salón Canor.

Date:  Friday 9th December 2016

Time:  Cava reception from 7:00 p.m.   Dinner at 8:00 p.m.

Dress Code: It is a smart event, so please dress accordingly.  No jeans or shorts please.

Tickets:  25 euros per head  

Entertainment:  There will be continuous music throughout the evening with
dancing to Costa Blanca's top Spanish duo Bella Luna who sing all your
favourites from Gypsy Kings to Elvis to Michael Jackson.  The duo have sung all over Spain including Benidorm Palace, but mainly on the Costa Blanca from Denia to Mazarrón.  They have also performed in Holland, England, Belgium, Portugal and Germany.  They are sure to get you on the dance floor!

Tickets will be on sale at the General Meeting on Monday, 5th September 2016 and, subject to availability, at subsequent meetings in October and November.

If you wish to join us for what promises to be a fantastic evening, you will need to complete a form and bring it along to one of the General Meetings with the full amount in cash.  Please ensure that the form is fully completed and that you enter the full name of every person as per the details on their membership cards.

You can check the menu online and then download the form.  A few copies of each will be available at the General Meetings for those members without computers.

Please note that all functions are only open to fully paid-up members of the Moraira-Teulada U3A

If you have any queries, please ask at the ticket desk or contact Christine Reed

Message from Groups Coordinator

Message from Groups Coordinator

By Prue Jackson

Group news

Many of the groups have been enjoying a well earned break during the summer, but come September there will be lots of activity, and plenty of things for you to get involved in. Just have a look at the group page on our website to see the wide variety of groups, and if you wish to join one, contact the group leader.

New groups

The support group was announced during the summer and we already have a number of volunteers.  The aim of the group is to give practical help and support to members who need it, whether as a result of illness, accident or some other reason.  The help could be given in the form of Hospital visits, help with shopping, gardening, pets, or even just a visit for a chat. We intend to hold a meeting of all those who are interested in September or October, so if you are interested in volunteering please contact Prue Jackson. A Group Leader will be appointed as soon as possible.


Genealogy Group. Noelene Cummins is setting up a new group for people who are interested in finding out more about their family history using online sites.  More information will be available at the September General Meeting, and Noelene will be at a group desk in October.

Brexit message

Brexit message

By Laura Hillstead

Dear Resident,

On 19th July, the Town Hall of Teulada was invited by Diputación de Alicante, our provincial government, to attend an informative seminar to discuss practical consequences which the recent UK EU Referendum may have for both the UK and EU, and in particular for the British people who reside in the province.

As Councillor for International Residents in Teulada Moraira, I attended the meeting and, together with other expats and representatives, was able to put forward several of Teulada Moraira’s residents’ concerns to be discussed at the negotiating table. The main issues of discussion were: access to healthcare, status as residents, taxes, private legal situation (wills etc.) and the repercussion on the economy.

The speakers: Tim Hemmings, Deputy Head of Mission, Spain; Sarah-Jane Morris, British Consul; and Mercedes Alonso García of Diputación de Alicante were all keen to transmit a message of calmness, and to reassure people that there will be no immediate changes.

Alonso García stressed that Alicante is a very welcoming place for foreigners. She reiterated the Diputación’s firm commitment to continue working side by side with the British Embassy and British Consulate, giving assistance to and serving British residents' needs.

Tim Hemmings stressed the close and warm relationship, and shared history which exist between Spain and the UK. He assured us that his team would feed our concerns into the negotiations and come back to us with answers; and that UK residents in Spain, and EU residents in UK are in their top tray, as a priority.

Sarah-Jane Morris stated that the Consulate will continue to provide Consular Services. She also stressed the importance of receiving information direct from original sources, suggesting that people go straight to original sources when looking for information.

She recommended that in order to check the validity of information, people should ask them via the Facebook page, “Brits in Spain” and from there information will be confirmed and rumours will be quashed.


Both Tim Hemmings and Sarah-Jane Morris repeated this message of calmness various times. They will keep us informed of the situation and there will be no immediate changes.

The Town Hall of Teulada also transmits this message of calmness. We shall communicate important information, as we receive it, and do everything we can to support our residents and tourists.

In the second part of the meeting, Pedro Heredia Ortiz, Lawyer and President of the International Law Section of the Ilustre Colegio de Abogados de Alicante, and Ignacio Pellicer Molla, Lawyer gave information on the possible consequences of the UK EU Referendum and answered questions.

The Department for International Residents is currently arranging a similar meeting to take place in Teulada Moraira in the Autumn. This will be an opportunity for residents to hear what advances have been made, and to put questions to members of the Consular Team and legal professionals on issues affecting them as a result of this Referendum.

Details of the meeting will be published nearer the date on the Town Hall’s website, Weekly Newsletter, social media and local press.

Please see useful link below from the UK government and the form to be completed, should you wish to receive the Weekly Newsletter from the Town Hall.



By Cheryl Le Blond

It is our intention to raise a petition to outlaw this type of misuse of the English language which we consider to be defamatory and abusive. It also proves the inadequacy of the spoken word as a descriptive method of communication.

Dog’s dinner—a reference to human dress

Dog tired—implies we are lazy or exhausted which is rarely the case

Dogma—a human expression meaning repetitive ideology

Dogmatic—the insistence that everyone else is wrong

Dog fight—Aerial warfare is not our scene

Doggo—the opposite of our right to leave at will

Dog collar—a clerical garment

Dog and bone—a cockney speech devise

Dog eared—soiled, overused, unlike our hearing organs

Dog fish—I can only leave to your imagination

Dog tag—applicable only to American soldiers

Doggie bag—Human left over’s used to save you trouble

Dog eat dog—undocumented occurrence

Hot dog--inedible

Sea dog—untrue description of an old sailor

Sausage dog—blatant and false description

Lap dog—inaccurate reference to our arctic cousins

Underdog—menial servant not applicable to us

Sick as a dog—as we do not indulge in alcohol a rare occurrence

Hair of the dog—misnomer for excuse to drink repetitively

Bark like a dog—excuse to raise a persons volume

Whipping dog—we never need weapons our teeth usually suffice

Font Santa Picnic

Font Santa Picnic

Your last chance to buy tickets for the Font Santa Picnic will be at the General Meeting in Teulada on Monday, 5th September.  This event is being held on Wednesday, 14th September from 12:30 - 4:00 p.m.  Price of 7:50 euros per ticket includes Appetisers, Roast Chicken, Bread & Alli Oli and a welcome glass of cava.  Please bring your own salad, cutlery and other drinks.  You will be entertained by the fabulous Duo Intermezzo and by our very own Dave Peachey.

If you have any queries, please contact Steve Higham

Please note that all functions are only available to fully paid-up members of the

Moraira-Teulada U3A.

Recipe - Jaffa Cakes

Recipe - Jaffa Cakes

If you watched the first programme of the new series of The Great British Bake Off this week you would have seen the contestants making Mary Berry's Jaffa cakes as part of the technical challenge.

Here is the recipe...... yummy!!


Jaffa cakes are no where near as tricky to make at home as you might think. The only fiddly bit is making the chocolate look perfect – but they're still great if you just spoon it over.

For this recipe you will need a 5cm/2in round biscuit cutter, 30x20cm/12x8in baking tray and a 12-hole shallow bun tin.


For the jelly

• 1 x 135g packet orange jelly

• 150ml/5fl oz boiling water

• 1 small orange, finely grated zest only

For the sponge

• unsalted butter, for greasing

• 1 large free-range egg

• 25g/1oz caster sugar

• 25g/1oz self raising flour, sifted

For the topping

• 180g/6¼oz plain chocolate (about 36% cocoa solids)



For the jelly, break the jelly into pieces and place in a small bowl. Pour over the boiling water and stir until the jelly is completely dissolved. Add the orange zest, then pour into a shallow 30x20cm/12x8in tray. Chill in the fridge for 1 hour, or until set.


Meanwhile, preheat the oven to 180C/160C Fan/Gas 4 and grease a 12-hole, shallow bun tin with butter.


For the sponge, whisk the egg and sugar together for 4-5 minutes until pale and fluffy, then gently fold in the flour. Fill each well in the bun tin three-quarters full (about a dessert spoonful per hole) and smooth the tops. Bake for 7-9 minutes, or until well risen and the top of the sponges spring back when lightly pressed. Leave to cool in the tray for a few minutes then finish cooling on a wire rack.


To assemble, break the chocolate into pieces then melt in a bowl set over a pan of gently simmering water. Remove the bowl from the heat and leave to cool and thicken slightly.


Turn the jelly out onto a sheet of non-stick baking parchment. Cut 12 discs from the orange jelly using a 5cm/2in round cutter. Sit one jelly disc on top of each sponge.


Spoon the melted chocolate over the jelly discs. Using the tips of the tines of a fork or a skewer, lightly press to create a criss-cross pattern on top of the chocolate, then leave to set completely. You may need to reheat the chocolate a little if it starts to set before you have finished all the jaffa cakes.

Recipe Tips

It's important to use the lower cocoa solids chocolate because stronger chocolate will overwhelm the orange flavours.
It is better to use a bowl and an electric hand whisk to make the sponge because a freestanding mixer might struggle with such a small amount of cake batter.


Moraira - Teulada

Local Events and Information.

"Festa del Moscatell" Teulada

"Festa del Moscatell" Teulada


"Drinking and eating Teulada muscatel" a gastronomic tour of the bars and restaurants attached to the Festa del Moscatell, the opening of the exhibition of the Photo Club l'Andragó "Miratges the moscatell of Teulada" and tasting drinks derived from muscat Teulada, by the sommelier Antoni Puig de l'Associació Defensors Muscatel of the Marina Alta. Thus begins the "Festa del Moscatell".


From August 20

" Beure i menjar moscatell Teulada "

gastronomical by bars and restaurants attached to the Festa del Paseo Moscatell


August 24, Wednesday

At 19.30 h

Opening of the exhibition of the Photo Club l'Andragó " Miratges the moscatell of Teulada ."
At 20.00 h tasting drinks derived from Teulada muscatel , by the sommelier  Antoni Puig of the Defenders Association of Marina Alta Muscatel.

Ecomuseogràfic Centre
Avda Santa Catalina, 30 - Teulada

August 25, Thursday

At 22.00 h
Presentation of the exhibition"Curts of moscatell" and projection of the first part of the selection of short films. Auditori Teulada-Moraira

August 26, Friday

At 21.00 h
Shows "Curts of moscatell" : projection of the second part of the selection of short films, finalitzada which all participants to "coca" and grapes with musical accompaniment persones be invited. Auditorium Teulada-Moraira
At 00.00 h Moscatell Rock
concert Herba Black and Lilit i Dionís . Plaza del Ayuntamiento

August 27, Saturday

From them 11.00 Experiences with muscatel (riurau route: transfer carriage rides, cut grapes, blanch, "tisorar" ...) concentration: Agricultural cooperative sant Vicent activity: Centre EcomuseogràficCarretera Teulada - Benimarco 7
At 19.00 h Parade of Muscatel . Driveway with musical accompaniment Colla Falco and the Group of danses Font Santa. From the ave of St. Catherine to the Glorieta of the hermitage of San Vicente

From 19.30
For smaller: Bouncy castle, musical entertainment, games and children 's workshops with content, Muscat grape contest ...
Performance of Group danses Font Santa
"Chapada" wine 
(with children 's contest)

Presentation with tasting cocktail " Teulada Fresc" by "Mésquebarmans" popular Dinner Verbena with orchestra musical " Genesis "

September 2, Fridays Dolia , VI sample i Gastronomy Wine Awards ceremony of the exhibition "Curts of moscatell" Auditori Teulada Moraira




By Alcaldia Teulada
Carlos Linares, the mayor of Teulada-Moraira, and Joan Llobell, coordinator of the contest presented the first short film contest “Curts del Moscatell” during a press conference. The project started one year ago when some short films have been showed and thus created the base for this year´s contest. Linares explained that the goal is to promote audiovisual aids in general and to document the Moscatell tradition.250 short films from 20 countries have been sent. 19 films have been selected to be shown during the final at the Auditorio Teulada-Moraira.

LLobell is very happy with the outcome of the first contest as 257 short films have been sent from more than 20 countries. There are two categories: the first one, with a prize money of 1000€, is related to Moscatell, the second category receives short films with all kinds of themes and the prize money is 500€. In addition the audience will get the chance to vote for the best short film overall and the prize money is 150€. The category Moscatell didn´t receive any participating films and therefore the prize money will be distributed to the other two categories.

The quality of the short films is amazing. Most of them cover subjects like the current crisis, drama, comedy, animation and lots of them have won prizes in other festivals. 19 have finally been chosen to enter the final and it was a difficult decision. The first part will be shown in the Auditorio Teulada-Moraira on August 25 at 10pm and the second part on August 26 at 9pm. The audience will vote for the best film and afterwards there will be cocas, grapes and music for everybody. The official prize giving will take place at the Auditorio during the gastronomy and wine fair Dolia, on September 2, 2016.

La Vuelta 2016

La Vuelta 2016

The La Vuelta is the Spanish equivalent of the Tour de France. It consists of a series of different races, the locations of which change every year. This year, for the 81st edition, the 19th stage will start in Javea and finish in Calpe on Friday 9th September 2016 and the 20th stage will start in Benidorm and finish in Aitana on Saturday 10th September 2016. It is a great opportunity to see the professional cyclists as they speed by! More information about timings will be available closer to the date. For more information, race history, videos and photos take a look at the official website

16/09/18 - Sunday, 18 September - TMLions - Manhattan Jazz

Sunday, 11th September 2016 -

TMLions - Manhattan Jazz


                                            (BESIDE THE CASTLE)

11TH SEPT. 2016 AT 19:30

They write: Sponsored by Blevins Franks International Tax & Wealth Management, this is the last of Teulada-Moraira Lions´ Club 2016 Season of Free* Summer Concerts on the Seafront in Moraira, along from the Castle and it is only fitting that T.M. Lions close this great series of events on a high with Manhatton Jazz, who, as well as being a bunch of immensely talented musicians, have always been generous and enthusiastic supporters of T.M. Lions Club,

Manhatton Jazz are, justifiably, immensely popular throughout the Marina Alta here on the Costa Blanca. The sound they produce really is toe-tapping stuff, pretty much guaranteed to make you want to get up out of your seat and shake your booty – and there is plenty of space in front of the stage where you can make a complete spectacle of yourself. You have been warned!!

Find out more about what T.M. Lions are doing by visiting their website:, or follow Teulada Moraira Lions Club on Facebook, or why not join their mailing list by sending "Add me" to

*Admission to all T.M. Lions Summer Concerts in Moraira is free but Teulada-Moraira Lions´ Club Members will be there in our distinctive yellow tops to raise funds for our community work and various charitable projects by “rattling buckets” and asking for donations from the audience - PLEASE DO GIVE GENEROUSLY.




The commander-in-chief of the Guardia Civil Teulada-Moraira thanked the municipality for the support and understanding they got while their headquarters needed to be updated. Teulada-Moraira had offered them a tmporary place at the Plaza de la Virgen del Carmen and since August 24, 2016 the Guardia Civil is now back at the Avenida el Portet 129. The place now responds much better to their requirements, is modern and offers 10 accommodations. Opening hours 8am to 9pm.


16/09/02 - Sunday, 2 October - TMLions - The Overtones Tribute Band

Sunday, 2 October 2016 -

TM Lions - The Overtones Tribute Band

Sunday, 2 October
2nd OCT. 2016 AT 20:00
They write: "The Over-who?" you may ask. And, yes, the band whose music will be performed by the tribute act headlining this concert may well not (yet) be particularly well known in the Marina Alta but the melodic harmonies of the Overtones, with their rich mixture of doo-wop, R&B and pop music, deservedly enjoy a huge - and growing - following throughout the UK & Northern Europe. The boys´ rise to the big time is a story which, if it appeared as the plot in a work of fiction would, in this cynical day and age, strain credulity to the max.

In September 2009, the original members of what are now the Overtones auditioned for The X Factor but Simon Cowell and his fellow judges decided against putting them through to the next round. Shortly after this setback, the boys met the guy who went on to join the band as bass singer thereby completing the lineup of the Overtones as it is today.

The band members then started their own painting and decorating company so that they could continue to practise singing together even whilst working and it was as they were harmonising "The Longest Time" while painting a shop near Oxford Street, London, that the boys were "discovered" by a talent scout for Warner Bros. Records, literally as he was walking past the front door. The Overtones were, shortly afterwards, signed to a 5-album deal and have never looked back. They have toured with Sir Cliff Richard and performed with & for the late, great Sir Terry Wogan - and if their kind of music was good enough for dear old Tel.............

The Overtones Tribute Band is based in Benidorm where it has a number of regular gigs at popular venues such as Talk Of The Coast, Riviera Music Lounge and Jaspers. The tribute act is very much an homage to the music of the Overtones and so, if you occasionally enjoy a bit of easy-listening doo-wop as a counterpoint to the more raucous sounds of Rock 'n Roll, this night is for you.

And, to open the concert, T.M. Lions are delighted to bring to La Senieta, "Encore", a female harmony duo whose repertoire covers everything from chilled, laid back jazz & swing to upbeat perennial favourites and ranges from the 1930s to the present day. Interested? Then book your seats for this one by contacting the Event Coordinator, by telephone on (0034) 966 491 917 or email Tickets are priced at just 15 euros - and it's going to be a grand night of jolly good music!



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